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koran burner’s daughter says he is fucked in the head!:

who knew religion can make people into despotic polygymist assholes??


  1. A shame I did not check my spelling before submitting. lol

  2. Book burnings are idotic.
    12 Christians in India were murdered over the Koran burning in the USA. One man, not connected to the pastor, burned one on camera. It’s very sad.
    No one forced them to burn down a school or kill those people of course, but in repressed areas it does not take much to ignite rage.
    Indian police shot dead 12 people in Kashmir yesterday as stone-throwing protesters defied curfews and torched a Christian school in a surge of anger stoked by the desecration of the Koran in Washington.
    The death toll was the highest for a single day since a wave of anti-India demonstrations began three months ago, with 83 civilians now killed in unrest in the disputed Muslim-majority region. One policeman was also killed yesterday.
    In New Delhi the cabinet met to discuss partially lifting a 20-year-old emergency law in an attempt to defuse tensions and break the escalating cycle of unrest.
    In Tangmarg village, 40 kilometres from the Srinagar, a crowd chanted anti-US and pro-Islam slogans before burning down a missionary school.