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i know that people in power are reading my blog, I’ve seen the evidence of it.
This is where I voice my opinion as an American Citizen, and a Taxpaying mother who will not shut up and grovel before Patriarchy’s religions or politics.  This is not a celebrity website in any way, please be aware of that fact.  I did a show twenty years ago and I am glad people liked it and still like it, but this is now, and now I am a farmer and a writer.  I do not seek any kind of entertainment exposure, I find it grotesque and shallow.  


  1. i never heard the military was checking out my site, that’s ridiculous. sherry is so funny,I love her, but lets post some jackie beat on here, the greatest of all drag queen singers.

  2. that the military was checkn out your website was funny on a few levels

  3. of course they are….you tell the truth! what could be more frightening to….?
    I work with Susan Powter, who reads this blog….
    Susan wants to have coffee with you?..How the fuck do I set it up?

  4. This blog is so darn news worthy!

    while depressing, this news helps with experiencing the human condition.

  6. TV is like that commercial u were makn on the roseanne show for the restaurant. where darlene was in pig tails.
    I never did get the phoniness of tv. MAde me feel there was sumthn wrong w me.

  7. KIll your tv’s as they say!!
    Seems all i really watch is bravo and golden girl reruns and of course roseanne

  8. Another reason we have a connection.
    when i was in about 4th grade or so i did a school project from foods around the states/world.. whatevr. i piked Hawaii. got to make this macadamia nut dessert.
    Lol it burned and was awful. but i loved macadamia nuts from then on.
    I hear ya about the spotlight we crave it on one hand the other it scares the hell out of ME at least.
    ANd i feel Like i just got home and i feel…

  9. Roseanne I thought that was funny the military was checking out your site. remember hear’n that on the news