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both madonna and oprah are teachers

what do you think they are teaching us?  write it here thanks!


  1. Christopher Michael Ward says:

    Oprah makes us think and meet new people sometimes. madonna make us wanna be a virgin LOL!. I am a teacher too i teach world news and that we should always voice ourselfs.

  2. have to…. and now i find I’ve changd my mind

  3. plus from what i read MAdonna is totally cheap!! Strange huh?
    if shes xxpensive or materialistic or teaches u to spend money. Its spend money on valueee

  4. CAn i say Madonna taught us to look beyond image.
    she brought a few of us back to the heartt.
    in her lyrics i think shes always trying to get people to wake up.
    in her costumes i find fun and fiesta as they say in my homeland hehe
    with every album i think the listener growss
    Roseanne knows this powerr/truth

  5. Like Eckhart the T and Byron the K.
    Madonna teaches us what.
    Oprah teaches us how.
    How ya like them apples?

  6. Ladyjane Green says:

    Indeed a rich visual image, hoping the cupcakes r the ones with all the red dye, oh,yeah, red velvet. And that Kashmir shawl best be covering all of ms. winfrys assets.

  7. And Oprah taught me personally that cashmere shawls and mail order cupcakes are extremely exciting.

  8. Ladyjane Green says:

    LOL I think i might have the voice yr lookin for, timothy! People say mines got the power of attraction. Madonna taught me that you dont have to be english to have the accent.,
    Its hard to imagine what that(her) kind of fame does to the ego. She used to give more of a shit about aids etc. She showed up and gave support to aids danceathons in sf back in the 90s, But that was like a zillion years ago. Oprah is a master media mogul, and one would expect more social consciousness from a person who KNOWS her power over others.

  9. Oprah teaches us that no matter how much “money”, attention and acclaim you draw in your direction, you can still have very little ability to control yourself when something is haunting you.
    Norma taught us that as well.
    Ciccone teaches us the power of disappointment. It can be transmuted into some other entity. However, a distortion lying at the base of it means that the whole entity is a mere illusion.
    They both teach us that you can do anything you want in this world and cause any negative ripple no matter how huge as long as once in a while, you say a couple of nice sounding things.
    They also both teach us where the fault lines in our society lie.

  10. madonna is a good dancer, oprah is reincarnated hawaiian queen of maui land holdings.

  11. whatever. Tell us about being a vet, and what you went thru, hon…

  12. I think Oprah taught us about having the courage to question ourselves deeply.

  13. opra tought us that even a poor black woman could be a facest pig

  14. It is proven that our words and our thoughts are vibrational, and that the frequency of a woman’s voice is very meditative, that can also be a reason why Madonnas voice is so soothing

  15. I read once that hindus believe life is based on sound.
    This may be a lil far out there… but i thought that maybe its Madonnas tone of voice that really got me hoooked.
    I have no choice i hear your voice kinda thingy.
    surely whoevr speaks to me in the right voice him or her I shall follow as the water follows the moon silently..

  16. when ray of light came out and that primal scream that she does in it. I swear i had a baby right there in the car driving home. LOL or maybe it was an acid flash back
    but it felt real.. when i got home i had to lay down. Talk about a sympathy pregnancy.
    but i feel my role on earth for my mother anyway was always sorta a mid wife. Seemd she was always havn kids.
    she had 7 including me. w no man around to.. speak of anyway.
    I felt connected to madonna because she didnt have a mom and my mom really didnt seem like she was there for me. she didnt protect me when i needed her to.
    Plus i never knew my father. SO i just felt connected to MAdonna in her lonlinesss.

  17. I should say it was a dark & lonely path for me AND for my son! We are much better now.

  18. I was a woman in my early 20’s when Madonna released her Ray of Light CD and also when she became a single mother of Lourdes. At that time, I thought she glowed & was so beautiful. I had been a Cyndi Lauper fan as a little girl, but now Madonna had me converting. I started to adore Madonna, and in a few short years I too became a single mother. In contrast to Madonna, I was not a millionaire. In contrast to Madonna, becoming a single mother was a dark & lonely path for me for those first few years. I have found the Ray of Light now but feel foolish for being seduced by her glow into thinking my path could be like hers…

  19. Madonna on the cross on her confession tour was great. Who else travels around the world and preaches good messages. and Roseanne remember when u were on The oprah season opener and u called her an African queen :) I remember this. :). But still neither of them have the answers to the world like you Roseanne! Roseanne for president!

  20. WHile i have u
    I thought your last show was absolutely brilliant very emotional i guess for me. i can still remember underneath the hurt the shame and the fear.
    Phoebe snow all that I was hangn w a few lesbians at the time got to know the culture
    My mom adores u too
    thanks for the ridee

  21. i sure did–until about sixteen years ago, I thought really differently about money than I do now.

  22. Roseanne no offfense but there was a time when u seemd to be braggn live bout how much money u made.
    U know i still wuv u winkk

  23. Oprahs a good actress
    her movie beloved was diffrent haunting
    Also oprah i think made it ok to be yourself.
    Wasnt she one of the firsts to go on her show without make up?
    My friend calls her a star fucker but we wont go there HeHe

  24. both of them are teaching us to worship money.

  25. I do not like nor dislike either madonna or oprah, I find them both completely irrelevant in my world, thanks

  26. LOL definately she brought dr phil to us was one strike

  27. I think I just threw up in my mouth a little, so let me apologize first if i offend anyone. I do NOT like Madonna or Oprah, I think that they put a spiritual face on for the world, and may truly be interested but they do not live by what they preach, so what Oprah opened up a school (which has had many sexual abuse claims), she has a billion dollars she could do soooo much more ! She could Literally change the entire condition of a continent if she wanted to, and Madonna is an old hag who teaches young girls to be whores! Madonna is not the messiah WTF, i think im passing out, this is how much celebrities influence the masses, the masses eat, drink and shit their celebrities, they look up to them so much! Little girls have said they kiss their girlfriends for attention, this NEVER used to be, until Madonna,Brittany and Cristina kissed whom are all straight ! And lesbian woman DO NOT respect women who kiss other women and are not gay and just do it for attention.. So anyways sorry Roseanne if you like these women but I am PRO WOMEN and i do not like them…They haven’t taught me anything but to despise the overly wealthy !

  28. My Holy Trinity– Madonna, Roseanne and Hillary. Often misunderstood women with a fearless message. I think Madonna has taught me the power of the self and the power of change and reinvention. And her work ethic comes from some kind of otherworldly place.

  29. Johnny Argent says:

    A few things have always kept me from being an unqualified Oprah fan. She’s always seemed personable and well-intentioned, (or at least knows how to represent like that, on-screen), but I always thought she’s been too much the magical thinker while presenting it as some kind of Science. “All you have to do is look deep inside yourself and find your true purpose, here. I believe everyone on this planet has a purpose or destiny they’ve come here to yaketty-yak, blabbity blab!” What?
    That crap is played-out post-hippie, New Age, provincial drivel. Was the “inner” purpose of hundreds of thousands of Iraquis to be tortured to death and dumped in the streets or landfills? That brand of Marianne Williamson-style blame-the-victim, “The Secret” dreck was already stale on the shelves in head shops forty years ago. That “Law”” of attraction Bullshit is the metaphysical equivalent of Tupperware. I take that back – Tupperware is about keeping things fresh.
    And the yo-yo weight loss thing where each up & down brings another boatload of deep insights about finally “getting it” and all that. Half the world is hungry, for Christ’s sake! Stop disrespecting that by crying about your fat “challenge” or “crisis” or “breakthrough.” Please? We can all see how fat we are or aren’t – can we ever fucking shut up about it and just get on with it and do or say worthwhile things – regardless of our weight?
    Aside from that, she’s pretty cool. Oh, wait – didn’t she let Dr. Phil off his chain? Okay, that’s three reasons I’m not a huge fan. I just thought I’d put in my two cents and help her get her name around.

  30. MAdonna learned to HArvest from her father

  31. I was thinking that MAdonna probably was actualizing the KAbbalah before she even knew what she was doing.
    Its cause and effect.
    I also think in part MAdonna not having a mother really elimanated alot of shame that mothers put on their offspring.
    these r just deep thoughts on MAdonna
    Thanks for the threadd

  32. Hmm im not sure what Oprahs teachn.
    I stoppd watching her probly 10 years ago.
    She’s comforting i sposse….her voice.

  33. Hmmm well I first off thing you are the scorpio woman who may bring messiah. They say it will be a woman scorpio. But it could be Karen berg. Bah
    I think 72 names shabbat oprah teaches many of us the power of giving. She said her greatest joy was when she gave all the children gifts. I think spirituality is her gift and making big things happen but your Past criticism on her makes sense.
    Madonna I think may be Jesus and is teaching us how to open our hearts. Bleeding hearts. She is rosh hodesh virgo. Virginal heart. Like a virgin.
    I love all 3 of u and have met u all too. I met u at Kabbalah. U were upset there was no eggs left and on the elevator at CBS