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awesome report on how christians hate america:

Pat Robertson hates the poor and the weak and the middle class too!


  1. Well said Roseanne! Yes, we are a country of slaves. I am trying to downsize my life and need less. The less I need the more freedom I will have from my slave owners.

  2. I think that when the big asteroid hits our planet, it will be Pat Robertson’s fault… :)

  3. I don’t hate America, I love her like a grown-up. Conservatives (typically) love her the way a small child love’s it’s mother, and mommy can do no wrong, and if the mean French lady across the street is having a fondue party the same night mommy is having a tupperware party, then the small child reflects mommy’s anxiety by throwing a tantrum and calling his/her Belgian fried potatoes “freedom fries.”
    A progressive or liberal loves America the way an mature adult loves a spouse: Aware of all her faults, as well as ones own, and hoping that with love and all it’s virtues, both will grow together as people.

  4. I very much agree. Not just Christians, but many others (ESPECIALLY WEST BORO BAPTISTS) say how God will smite America and all of it’s people. This sounds soooo cliche but if you dont like it you can leave. People also complain about all the illegal immigrants coming in here, well atleast they come here for good reason! You complain about every last thing while these Mexicans are basically poor living in a complete ghetto. Sorry if my reply is sort of irrelevant, I’m only 16 and probablly dont have much say but I like to spread my opinion. Thanks for the great article.

  5. shona is a tribal language.
    The RNA is a language. RNA weaves through us all.

  6. America is two things to two groups—slaves and slave owners. The slave owners like bush and the judeoislamichristianpatriarchy at the top define freedom as having enough money to have many slaves. The slaves define freedom as the total destruction of the system of slavery. See how it works now? The Repubs are the slave owner class, and the democrats are the republican light–they still believe in tax cuts for the rich and slavery, but they want to throw a bone or two to the workers, so that it looks like there is “democracy” here.
    There is basically just the right and the right ‘lite’. The progressives are the right’s left wing, they are not at all left, but apologists for corporate feudalism, and central banking, and war profiteering. They are a convenient target for the far right, and have been set up by billionaires to play that role, to make it look like there is dissent, when there really isn’t.
    The left is a complete lie in america, there is no left, just unionism, and that is impotent, and bought off, invested in the stock market and war.
    Begin to grow vegetables, and harvest water. Share housing with at least one other family. tune into truth, and wait out the coming storm as best as you can. meditate to get clarity so that you can tell what’s real and what’s bullshit meant to trap and rob you. this is now.

  7. Sending you peace Roseanne, to keep using your words.
    Love, Z.

  8. to shona–i liked this link/definition very much. It does, however, disinclude what is the most important factor of “peasantry”, though (of course) and that is: This is pretty much how I define and try to write about GYN-ANARCHY… a woman run society.
    Notice how the ‘peasants’ all sound like they are male in the definition, but the fact is..when there is no imposed money system, or military industrial complex, no brtual JudeoIslamicChristian way of rape and force against the grandmothers/wise women, they naturally invent a barter and peace based economy/community.
    It is the way people live best, and what comes naturally to us.
    Patriarchy’s worst nightmare is peace, prosperity and living in harmony with natural forces, or even managing their effect.
    This however, is what we should all be looking to right now, setting up communities/tribes/neighborhoods where we take care of each other. We can organize all of our labor for food shelter and the common good. It all starts with growing your own food, and getting off the grid as much as you can. Needing less.
    The money systems (as I have written here) have failed and are pretty much dead, though they are in a zombie state now, where they still go on, yet they are falling/failing. The need to replace the rapacious forces of war and rape and child slavery is what is dawning on women all over the globe, and we know how to do it, it’s in our R N A.
    Indeed, the meek (women and peasantry) will inherit the earth, but we’ve got to start now! There’s no way not to do this, it’s upon us, whether we like it or not, whether we are dreamers or visionaries or not, it’s just the time when everything female and intelligent is possible, and can’t be denied.

  9. Don’t know what thread to put this in. If you don’t mind, using your way of words could you write your thoughts about “peasantry”.
    Is the word “peasantry” more of an impact/value/devalue of today, than it ever was.
    You seem to command a better knowledge of the written US/English language and expression.
    If you don’t mind can you clarify the workings of “peasantry” that seems/or not? entwined in our everyday lives and the impact it will have/or not in the future.
    Thank you.