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americans: if even one satanist repiglican is elected, socialist security will be the next thing they pocket for themselves!


  1. Am i wrong to think Boner/boener is kinda cute?
    I guess him and george have this old school masculinity. very closed in certain ways.
    I thought women loved that.
    he’ll take care of ya keep the boogeymen away.
    Kinda reminds me of my Grandpa.

  2. privatizing SS…. same thing.
    we know where privatizing gets ya.
    Hopefully now tho people arnt fools and will know better

  3. Ok im on S.S. and have been since 97.
    Luckily the process wasnt too painful for me, but at the time they thought i had PML. The disease Pedro from real world had.
    my point is that my mother who is 62 and has worked hard all of her life now has emphysema. She still works mind you.
    SHe’s been applying for S.S. for awhile now thru her job.
    I mean she goes to her doc/S.S. appts all hooked up on oxygen,and she still is worrying whether or not she will be approved!
    It’s just sad cause someone like me who never really worked to steady can get aprrovd so quikly while a working stiff seems to have to go thru all these channels.
    At this point its just her dream to not have to work.
    TAking away S.S. Is complete bullshit. I cant even believe the thought crosses peoples mind. Esp with this ridiculous healthcare situation
    Should have known George was up to no good (besides stealing the election of course) when S.S. was the first thing he wanted to go aftr.
    scary scary times for the boomers
    LOL Die allready as Roseanne says

  4. dashus christ says:

    horrifying—and remember his little dance# he did few yrs. back

  5. it is quite brilliant how karl rove has used white america’s racism, and bigotry against themselves. The sad thing is that no one is telling them the truth–they are sending their kids to fight and die in order to get screwed! evil evil evil.

  6. i feel like it’s going to happen. we are facing a possible move to the extreme right. how many people who are dissatisfied with obama’s run are now willing to feed themsleves to the republican war machine?