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80 popes tortured and killed 50 million people (mostly women and gays)

It is my firm belief that no one in any religion on earth really believes the things they say they do, because if they did in fact believe that God was the final and ultimate judge of everything people do, they would run from their religions as if their very souls depended on doing that, which they do.  Instead, they stay ignorant and culpable, siding against Justice, and Truth at every turn, aligning themselves against good, against sharing and caring for others, and making sure that they are always on the side of military power.  They cannot really believe in God at all, but in force, which they make excuses for in order to crush the weak.  Force is their God. 


  1. Johnny Argent says:

    John, I’m all for being civil, and I’m not exactly an utter neophyte when it comes to Eastern Orthodox Christianity. I was raised in that tradition, attending Russian Orthodox church when my parents couldn’t easily access a Serbian one. By about the age of Twelve, though, my critical thinking skills were developing and, from then on, I pretty much attended, under varying degrees of mild duress ( I was basically forced to, but I don’t mean to make it sound like torture – my mom’s intentions were good). That’s an old tradition, of course, from that time of Constantine and all the forced mass conversions.
    Let’s face it, the name brand Religions all start with a gravely-serious, bearded tribal strongman, who can make things stick, proclaiming that “God” has deputized him to lay something heavy on “his people” and tell them they’d better do it…or ELSE! Then come the snazzy costumes, the back story, as necessary, and the awful consequences of not accepting “God’s Love.” Back to your specifics, now.
    You’re right, of course, about the Great Schism of 1054. The Orthodox took resolute exception to two foundational planks of the Church of Rome: 1.) The pope, and 2.) celibacy for priests. – They couldn’t accept an ostensibly ‘infallible’ man like a pope riding herd over their priesthood and laity, in the first case, and in the second: They stated, presciently, that where priests were forbidden to marry…’surely perversion will follow.’ The rest is History.
    You’re obviously right to say we shouldn’t condemn all catholic people, of course, but as far as their Institution goes – let’s face it: it was considered incorrect and corrupt enough that half (figuratively) of Christendom said: “Hey, we can’t worship under the same roof with you guys.” Is that so far from replacing the word ‘roof’ with the word, sky?
    Before this post turns into a Russian novel…may I cut to the chase and just submit this for your consideration? If a person can’t be reasonably decent, compassionate and civil toward those around them, and recognize the practical worth of some version of The Golden Rule without the threat of punishment or the promise of reward in some other-worldly realm…are they really decent and compassionate at their deepest levels?
    Shouldn’t an evolved people be able to move past the idea of telling their children that A Bronze Age religious martyr had to be nailed to a Roman torture machine so that his dad, God, Sr. would call things even for his creations not doing what they were told? After all, if he sees into the future, didn’t he know what would happen? Why would he hold a grudge for generation after generation if he’s the source of all mercy and forgiveness?
    Is my version really THAT much of mischaracterization? How much of a sacrifice did Jesus really make if it all turned out to be sort of a trick that got turned around over the weekend? Sorry to sound so irreverent, but I am, and I think it’s time for more healthy irreverence so we can all get on with the business of evolving and doing the right things for the right reasons.
    Thanks for giving my thoughts a look…

  2. John, I know you are having a hard time with me because I do not have a penis, but–I have read Paul Tillich, Martin Buber, The Baal Shem Tov, Maimondes, all of the Pope’s edicts from the last twenty years, Isaac Luria, and Mary Daly, who puts them all to shame, so your snooty comments about my “likely never read Orthodox theologians” are just sexist BS…By the way, I have also taught, and still do teach it.
    Hey, that’s big of you not to believe in original sin, how very post modern. Seriously, we need to move beyond bronze age systems of belief and thought and find our way to rational solutions for real problems in this world. God is not going to fix it for us, God is not co-dependent…we have to fix things, and blabbering on and on about unprovable theories that were born in feudalistic eras is not helping anyone, and really is only about self righteousness and nothing more.

  3. Civil discussion on what? Genocide? Do you really think that is possible? Obfuscating facts are not a turn on to me.
    Define ‘civil’…looking the other way while six million jews were murdered, or chatting on about which fork to use while the churches steal from orphans, or discussing the year 1054 while your church still says women cannot hold positions of spiritual authority? Mary Daly called it Phallic Fixation…the inabliity to feel empathy for human beings, while adhering to heirachal processions.