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80 popes tortured and killed 50 million people (mostly women and gays)

It is my firm belief that no one in any religion on earth really believes the things they say they do, because if they did in fact believe that God was the final and ultimate judge of everything people do, they would run from their religions as if their very souls depended on doing that, which they do.  Instead, they stay ignorant and culpable, siding against Justice, and Truth at every turn, aligning themselves against good, against sharing and caring for others, and making sure that they are always on the side of military power.  They cannot really believe in God at all, but in force, which they make excuses for in order to crush the weak.  Force is their God. 


  1. Rosie, I am not lying, and you are just guessing based on Roman Catholic theology. You’ve likely never read any Orthodox theologians, so I can’t really expect you to know the vast gulf that has only grown since the Church split in 1054. We don’t believe in original sin either.
    And there’s plenty more, but maybe you’re the one who’s lying.
    If you ever want to have a civil discussion on this subject, let me know.

  2. WOW what have i missed? I believe that some people who call themselves Jews and Christians, are just naive and theyv been lied to all their life, they think their intentions are for the good and they are not even aware of all the hatred within them. I think because religion was not shoved down my throat that I had been thirsting for the truth since I was a child, every book I read was not the God I knew. I burned the bible and I know that GOD would approve of what i did, all i read in there was SATANIC experiences, of daughters drugging their fathers and raping them ! I mean COME ON PEOPLE its disgusting! My God is a LOVING GOD and he is not anything described in all the religious jibber jabber. NO ONE can change what people think or how they feel, most are not intelligent enough or hold themselves responsible enough to “wake up”. All we can do for those people is pray for them that they will see the true light, that everyone is sacred and the true sins are the horrors of rape, torture and murder. BESIDES THAT we are all on this material plane of existence to live and to learn, because we truly are spiritual beings having a physical experience. AND TO JOHN “DOUBT- BECAUSE DOUBT IS NOT A SIN. IT IS THE SIGN OR YOUR INTELLIGENCE” -osho

  3. john, you are lying..the sacrament is the cannibalization of the body of christ. He broke bread and said take, eat, this is my body, which was broken for you, and then he gave them wine and said–this is my blood that was shed for you, drink it. The sacrament of christ is the cornerstone of the catholic church by the way, and you can lie about that all you want and say that its a transcendental meditation and blah blah blah, and that there are jews in your heaven, (another lie) all you want, but–you are just trying to justify your own mental slavery to evil.

  4. John, you are doing what all brainwashed people do–lying. I guess your heaven is not the catholic heaven then, because the catholic church says that no one comes to the father or to heaven but by christ…logos means the word made incarnate in the body of christ. Christianity is a perversion of judaism which is a perversion of paganism. All native people and indigenous tribes believe everything living is divine, and they said that thousands of years before John the revelator.

  5. Most English Bibles translate “Logos” as “Word,” but that’s a woefully inadequate translation… St John could have used any number of Greek words, if what he meant was literally “word,” but the term he chose has other meanings or connotations like “utterance” “breathe” “spirit”…

  6. I’m on shaky ground here, because I’m really supposed to refer you to a priest or bishop (an apostle), and I am a mere disciple (student), but I’ll try to make it a little clearer: In St John’s Gospel, he says that the “Logos” (in geek) moved across the face of the deep, and breathed life into every living thing. Not just people, not just Catholics or Orthodox, every living thing. The Quakers teach something similar, that the divine spark exists in all creatures… I know I’m probably really screwing this up, and I’m “way above my pay grade”…

  7. Sorry if that’s a little on the mystical side for you… :)

  8. As for the sacrament, what you said doesn’t contradict what I said. Go back and read it again. Here, I’ll help: “…we don’t see the bread and wine changing into anything, rather we see ourselves as ascending to the transcendent reality of what the bread and wine have always been from the beginning…”

  9. Sure, I believe Jews get into heaven. What’s more, any heaven that doesn’t have enough room for The Dali Lama, isn’t big enough for me.

  10. john the church says that christ said: this is my body take eat and this is my blood drink…so is the church lying about all that when they say they symbolically subsume and consume Christ as the living sacrament?

  11. hey John, let’s talk bigotry–Jews don’t believe in Christ…so for you to use their bible and say it’s about Christ is kind of bigoted, don’t you think? Also, if you are not a bigot answer this–do jews get into your heaven?

  12. Also, someone mentioned canabalism. I can’t speak with any authority one the Latin Churches teaching on the subject, but in Orthodoxy, we don’t see the bread and wine changing into anything, rather we see ourselves as ascending to the transcendent reality of what bread and wine have always been from the beginning, or at least that’s what I learned in Sunday school.

  13. Rosie, I don’t have any problem with you pointing out evil behavior on the part of anyone, regardless of what ideology or religion they follow, pretend to follow, or delude themselves into thinking they follow, but when you make a blanket statement about Catholics, you’re also talkin about Cesar Chavez, just like when you make a blanket statement about evangelicals (and yes, I’ve been guilty too), you are also talking about Martin Luther King and Jimmy Carter.
    It may not be kosher with SOME leaders of my own sect, but my ecumenism is pretty universal. If you take the Bible at it’s word, all truth is of Christ. And to me that is true to the extent that I find these truths in some maybe unexpected places. It doesn’t matter to me who might have said it, or written it down, St Matthew, The Dali Lama or Chief Joseph, insomuch as it is true, it is of Christ, and therefore sacred.
    If I were a bigot, I would be walling myself off from much that is true, beautiful, and even divine.

  14. smiles, yes it is true and i wrote about it here a while back—the number of girls and women sexually abused by priests dwarfs the number of boys, but it seems that the boys were the ones who had the courage to come forward and bear the condemnation of the mothers and fathers. God bless the boys for having the guts to do it. The girls are not praised anywhere on earth for coming forward about sexual abuse by authority figures, and are most times abused further by the judicial systems and the rest of patriarchal “justice” which was invented to defend the guilty, and not the innocent.
    Girls are terrorized out of being brave. But–the boys will help the girls now, I believe, as that is the real reason that men are alive on earth. It is coming. God bless all the boys and all the girls who have been sexually crucified by Satanic Ritual Abusers.

  15. john, I repeat, there is a moral choice at the heart of every single religion, not just RC, but all of them, and each person must make that choice for themself.
    I have chosen not to support anything Satanic, no matter what it costs me, and no matter what happens to me as a result. My fight is with evil, not people. However, those who support the Satanic (the torture and rape and abuse of good/innocence) must know the truth of what they are doing. I feel that is my job, to let them know. Then, if they willingly and blindly follow evil, despite hearing the truth about it, they are lost souls that I do not bother with anymore.
    I know that Evil will end up killing all Evil itself, after it has killed all the good. That is where I think the world is at today. Evil, like cancer does not stop killing, until it kills itself.
    I do not believe in correcting people who choose to defend evil, as that makes it easier for them to disguise what they do and trick more kids into being it’s prey. I just let evil stand and get out of it’s way, in order to allow it to starve itself to death without my energy feeding it.
    Negative kills negative eventually, and when there is no more good for evil to hide behind, it simply falls to its own death. Babble on=Babylon. I am not going to argue any of this anymore, as there is nothing left for me to say about it. There are no good satanists, John, only ignorant ones, and you are not ignorant at all. You have heard the facts, now decide for yourself. Bear the weight of your own choice, and I hope it is for Good.

  16. they don’t only have sex with boys timothy, in fact the number of little girls they put their filthy hands on makes the number of little boys look like just a droplet in the bucket

  17. MAybe off topic but asa survivor of sexual abuse by a step dud.
    I find it bizzare in this world that being a gay man is frownd upon, but having sex with boys is like a right of passasge for a man.
    I dont get it. its certainly a upside down world.
    the whole thing is so hypocritical.
    thats why i really never have been able to relate to straight men.
    I just dont speak that language too well.
    It’s like a code. i wasnt part of.
    but im starting to be able to infiltrate them hehe

  18. Incidentally, your plans (in the video) for a new French revolution/Inquisition sound kinda fun… :)

  19. No Rosie, my point was not, “they did it too.” Rather, that tarring all Catholics with the same brush is not constructive, and no less a form of bigotry than condemning all atheists because of the behaviour of Stalin, Mussolini, Mao Tse Tung, Pol Pot…
    “You can tell more about a man from what he says about others, than from what others say about him.” -Leo Aikman-

  20. WOw intense roseanne
    I applaud u for keeping up the good fight.
    I understand what u r sayn. I also read awhile back how u feel about MAry daly.
    I have no doubt what u say is true about the catholic church.
    It does put a satanic slant on it.
    I try not to go there in my head.
    I mean is there a hierarchy in the church that really does this?? with the boys I mean.
    there prob is like i said i try not to go there.
    fresh meat for the priests that sounds evil and deep.
    I always hated the church/bibble for how they treated women
    guess im lucky in that i didnt grow up w a dad also i never thought of god as judgemental and damning
    but u r right the church barely seems to do shit for people. And what the hell is up with that foodbank food. do people really survive on that?

  21. well said. the malleus mallefecorum is a book i read a decade ago, it certainly explained a lot to me as to the psychological underpinnings of the patriarchy.
    the scapegoating is unbelievable.
    mary daly was a wonder, along with many many other women like maritas gimbutas and barbara walker, who opened up the truths about the patriarchal symbolism and insanity.

  22. just to bring things back to topic–you all know that catholic pedophiles who run the catholic church disgust me and that I have been very verbal in turning the light against them for years, but—this post was not about pedos, but about sadistic torture of women and feminine men by sexual monsters in god outfits, which is ‘Satanism,’ although Catholics like John disagree (ineffectively). What the Popes did was this: They tortured women sexually–sticking hot pokers into uteruses and anuses, etc.- until they ‘confessed’ to being witches, and then they were burned alive, which is satanic enough, but–the reason the church did this was because the women’s property was also confiscated by the Popes too. That is how the church got rich. These burning times were accompanied by kicking all females out of the universities and off pulpits everywhere. The records show that in Germany, there were whole major villages where not one woman was left alive. The burning times (holocaust of women) lasted for three hundred years.
    The women were the healers back then, using herbal remedies for everything, they grew their own cures. These women were also the real target of the women hating men who secluded themselves together and dressed like women, the filthy perverted sociopaths called priests. Women healers knew how to cause safe abortions too, and that is a no no to the Catholic power structure, which needs a constant influx of fresh child meat in order to orgasm. There is not one single thing the RCC does that helps people…when you steal entire countries and then supply your victims with bowls of soup and gruel, you are certainly not helping, not giving “charity”!
    The charade of pedophile defenders has been exposed, and it was exposed on Easter Day 2010, let’s not forget, when all major news organs carried the story that the Pope and his brother both knew about the extent of child rape cases they sat atop, and hid from the people.
    The first shot to the heart of the Catholic Beast was delivered by a woman, Dr. Mary Daly, who received doctorates in Latin and Catholic Theology in order to do it. She loved the world so much that she gave her life her soul and her massive brain to an eighty year battle against the world’s most powerful Goliath. When she used their own libraries to expose the extent of the savagery and satanism they used to kill females aged 8 and up, by declassifying their Maleus Malificarum -(‘the hammer of the witches’,the document that instructs impotent losers in priest garb on how to cause the most suffering to innocents),- she turned the power of the light against the darkness. She left this world on January 3, 2010, and the following Easter, the work she had done all her life bore fruit. Thank You, Dr. Daly!! RIP

  23. i would say my mother is more against the church
    And she doesnt mention GOD or some kind of higher power.
    I guess they/the church did do a number on her.
    I think when people r bombarded with god having it shoved down their throat. They get weird reactions.
    They certainly lose that sense of wonderr.

  24. My mother was raised catholic went to parochial school and all that.
    Now shes vehemently anti religion to almost where it seems unhealthy.
    I mean the idea of GOD doesnt seem all bad to me.
    whatever form god takes for ya.
    I did go to catholic school in second grade and had my first communion. I just remember feeling like an outcast because we were poor.
    I think it was my grandma who got me into the school.
    Anyway i remember dancing in my first communion robe.
    i dont recall any abuse by priests.
    I do remember a Nun making me eat a pad of butter cause i said i didnt like it. Frkn weirdos hehe

  25. Ladyjane Green says:

    Clearly john you were lucky and made it through your catholic upbringing “untouched”
    by the “roman hands and russian fingers” of your father confessor. Your condescention demeans the trauma that these(us) innocent kids experienced at the hand of your” men of god”. Just like most defenders of the faith, your assumed moral\intellectual superiority oozes through your hole riddled defense of an antiquated sado-masochistic fraternity. Smug believers like yourself make abuse survivors feel like shit. No one wants to be a victim, especially by people you are raised to trust, Your spirited defense of this institution makes me wish that you were an alterboy at my church in suburban boston cerca 70s and 80. We were taught to trust these bastards. They took that ball and ran with it, and spiked it in the proverbial end zone. I guess im beating a dead horse with this one, cuz blind defense of an institution that went so far out of its way to hide such deep patterns of abuse cannot be countered with reason. It would be nice if “true believers” like john just admitted that there was a problem instead of pointing fingers at other non religioous atrocities. P.S. Id like to “imaginate” a world free of all sado-patriarchal religions.And their condescending adherents. ALMIGHTY ISIS SAVE US

  26. Johnny Argent says:

    John asked: How many charity hospitals have you built lately?
    One here in Austin saved my life… <<
    I haven’t built any, and I hate to make lame excuses, but, I haven’t taken in billions of dollars of tax free “contributions” this month, either.
    If I had billions of dollars worth of Art treasures and tens of billions more in prime real estate I’d take a shot at doing some charity work, though. I promise…in front of God Almighty….AND…cherry on top: I won’t make any little boys blow me but not tell it in Confession. But I’d still let ‘em take Communion and eat the body of Christ….I mean, I’m not CRaZY, for Christ’s sake! …God bless, Everybody!

  27. Johnny Argent says:

    As far as bigotry goes, I sure don’t want to fall into that category, so I’d like to take a bold stance and say I’m against all military actions that cause the deaths of millions of people and I’m against all mass murderers, regardless of their religious affiliations or lack thereof. There, I said it – let my persecution begin – I know it’s unpopular with the people here who really like and admire despots and mad dictators who kill millions of people but are atheists.
    How’s that, John? Are you with me? It’s me and you, Buddy!
    PS: For what it’s worth, I’m not sticking up for Stalin, but the Church was seen as so complicit with the horrible suppression of the masses in Russia for centuries, that there was an horrific backlash that helped fuel and follow The Russian Revolution. Most of the people, except some of the older ones who couldn’t imagine a life without lots of kneeling and bowing and begging God to not make life even more miserable, were finally fed up and contemptuous of The Church. They were happy to take a few decades off from the sado-masochism that comes from what i call Crucifixation.

  28. Johnny Argent says:

    John, It seems your defense of Catholicism in re: molestation pretty much amounts to “Oh, Yeah? Well THEY do it, TOO!” Shouldn’t the bar be a tad higher? I think an institution that says it teaches the ethics of Christ and is the representative on earth of a God who sees and knows all, would have to come up with something better than: “We don’t screw any more little boys than perv Scout leaders.” Surely the RCC would be held to a higher standard than Little League Baseball, Right?
    You said: >>I know a family who adopted a young foster-child who had been molested by both of her parents, and they were’nt even Catholic. Imaginate that… <<
    Wow, you got me imaginatin’ – and now – I take it all back! I believe in miracles!! Praise God!!

  29. from john: “Every bigot I have ever met, including right-wing aafrikaners, beliefs to their core that they have a perfectly rational explanation for their bigotry, even if it involves healthy doses of hyperbole and outright falsehood.”
    You are right John, and the worst of these are people who believe that a man lived in a whale and walked on water, and rose from the dead after three days. Such fairy tales and nonsense are defended by educated men every day who want to teach or terrorize children into, as Christ said, “swallowing camels and choking on gnats”–to make children think that unreality is real, and that reality itself is evil, is what helps to groom them for getting fucked in the ass by rich men dressed up like women, in crowns and jewels who think they are above all human laws.

  30. they did it in the name of god to children, to attack the innocent and the helpless for sexual pleasure, and all their brainwashed self righteous justifiers always take the side of the predators agains the innocent, just as their god satan wants them to.

  31. john, of course the catholics are the only org of pedos that claims they represent god, so your argument is stupid. What’s done by a preist class is worse than boy scouts or foster parents, and if you cannot glean that, then your brainwashing is complete. You use the usual boy bigot excuse “WAHHH!!! THEY DO IT TOO!”

  32. hey man, you can point the finger at everyone else to make what these 80 popes have done seem like a minor insignificance all you want, it doesn’t make it any less atrocious

  33. Incidentally, the per-capita rate for child molestation isn’t any higher in the Roman catholic church, than it is in little league, scouting, public schools, or any other institution that gives adults access to children, and that includes the nuclear family.
    I know a family who adopted a young foster-child who had been molested by both of her parents, and they were’nt even Catholic. Imaginate that…

  34. Ready?
    Rant! :)

  35. Also, I noticed that not one of you adressed the atrocities committed by the greatest monsters of the twentieth century Atheist (Stalin, Mussolini, Mao, Pol Pot), Taoist/Shintoist (Hiro Hito) Hindu (Heinrich Himmler), Hindi/Celtic/Nordic Polytheist (Adolph Hitler), but instead, continued to rationalize your own self-righteous bigotry.
    But I will throw you a bone: Francisco Franco considered himself a good Catholic.
    There, happy now? :)
    My point was not that it’s okay to be bigoted against people who share those belief systems, but rather what bigotry sounds like from the other side.
    Every bigot I have ever met, including right-wing aafrikaners, beliefs to their core that they have a perfectly rational explanation for their bigotry, even if it involves healthy doses of hyperbole and outright falsehood.

  36. How many charity hospitals have you built lately?
    One here in Austin saved my life…

  37. women are the priority targets of religion because if awoken, they pose the biggest threat against the entire institution. it’s necessary for these men to keep women entranced while they are on their knees serving them, otherwise they will be forced to relinquish their hold over them and their children. women hold a power that simply trumps their pitiful priesthood, and that is why it is important to keep that power dormant and unaware.
    the chains they use to bind the masses are slowly breaking, i believe. women everywhere are waking up while the Light makes its presence known.

  38. smiles–yes, that is how they do it to us–make us struggle so that we can represent for “GOD” and pretend that gives us a SMALLER ego–it’s all self righteous bullying bullshit that keeps us slaves to military powers, and bankers. Women are the targets of all religions, because they supply the children that pedo-archs live to have sex with–their tiny orifices are a snug fit for the priest class’s impotent and tiny protruberances, and that is the only way they can get sexual satisfaction–preying on women and tricking them (and fucking their kids) is their sublime sado sexual pleasure. The Priest class has not one good member in it, remember that…decent people do not need to dress up like women in gold robes to help anyone. they are all satanic, rabbis, priests, ammons, all sick pedo woman haters, greedy pigs and in bed with the cheneys of the world.

  39. yeah, it makes a lot of sense to waste one’s life striving for sainthood. because the more time one spends absorbed in their own selfish quest for personal gain via glorification, the easier it will be to turn a blind eye from, say, two hundred deaf children being molested

  40. Ladyjane Green says:

    Wasnt St.Francis a self flagellating, horsehair wearing, genital avoiding “freak”? I know he was also a man of god(whatever that entails), but seriously, how realistic is it to have a Saint as a role model? Can you honestly, with a straight face, tell anybody that the life of a catholic saint is what they should be working towards? Most of those saints met their ends in horrific and grisly ways. Maybe thats where the catholic church picked up its penchant for torture and oppression. Im with Johnny on this one. The catholic church systematically crushes “pliant young minds” replacing the “natural sense of wonder” with an unnatural sense of horror.No one should be taught that they are born bad, with original sin, not to mention the wide array of non opportunities that the Cathlicks offer women. The cathlick nuns all live in poverty, while The priests are still livin high on the hog, as it were. I know their bars are fully stocked with top shelf call brands.Not to pick on st francis cuz i really do lyke his deviant bad ass, but wouldnt it be nice if the whole cathlick church used him as a roll model, and took a vow of poverty for itself? And then started preaching to the birds and animals? Next we could turn the Vatican jnto the worlds largest no kill pet shelter. as is, you cant get any farther from jesus than the Vatican city/catholic church! Bloated fatuous windbags, your time has come to fall. Maybe we could turn Vatican City into an S&M theme park, cuz it looks like its half way there. P.S. I have first dibs on that legendary pope carcass dipped in gold, Im gonna hang it over my pool table.

  41. Johnny Argent says:

    >>I would only add that for every grand inquisitor, torturer and executionist, there were hundreds of men AND women like St Francis, and it is those people most Catholics see as role models.<<
    I must question an institution that has historically relied on belief fostered by fear of NOT believing. The RCC, with its emphasis on “The Immaculate Virgin Mary,” eating the body of Christ, the promise of eternal life, the emphasis on blood, sacrifice, rising from the dead (I call it all “Crucifixation”) is really a cuckoo that pushes its way into pliant young minds and pushes out what should be their own unique, natural sense of wonder.
    It’s hard to imagine how many lives, even in recent centuries, have been ruined through molestation by indoctrinators in medieval costumes masquerading as “men of God’ but it surely is enough to invalidate the “few bad apples” defense.
    To the degree that the Church promotes the Golden Rule, I have no problem with it, but that concise gem can fit on a business card with room left over. The Church is an arcane relic whose time has passed. The day that it takes in less money than it spends “helping people” (with what’s left after the molestation lawsuits, gold candlesticks and all the other paraphernalia, paychecks, and real estate and priceless art treasures) is the day that it will go out of business. I would say, “Good riddance.” Are people who can’t be decent without Bronze Age dogma really decent?

  42. I would only add that for every grand inquisitor, torturer and executionist, there were hundreds of men AND women like St Francis, and it is those people most Catholics see as role models.

  43. My Priest/Confessor, the late James Kenna, had doctorates in psychology and anthropology from Princeton, along with his degrees in divinity from both the Anglican and Orthodox seminaries.
    So you can bet that you got healthy doses of all of the above during Sunday school.
    In fact, his Sunday school classes, which were really meant for prospective converts, were standing room only, including the faithful, one being an Anthropologists you may have seen on PBS programs.
    Anywho, he was talking about the sorts of phenomenon that drove culture, both sublime and abhorant, and pointed out that the Aztec used to torture, maim, and disenbowel prisoners of war, criminals, dissidents and virgins, sometimes thousands of them a day, in sacrifice to the sun god, because they believed that it kept the sun moving across the sky.
    Now a thoughtful person might ask, “Shouldn’t we stop, and see if the sun does indeed stop moving across the sky?” But did they as a culture dare ask that question, much less try such an experiment? No. In fact, anyone who even suggested it, was probably fed to the sun god himself/herself.
    But why wouldn’t they question such madness, unless there was a part of them that had come to like it.
    Likewise, here in Texas, we execute more people than any other province in the world. We also have the highest rate of incarceration in the world. That’s right, the land of the free, is the home of the jailed. Yet, despite these “judicial” “deterrents” we maintain the highest per-capita homicide rate in the world.
    As a culture, do we ask, “Why don’t we try something more progressive, like they do in scandinavia, and see if our homicide rate doesn’t fall, and become more like that in Sweden?” No.
    Even suggesting such a thing, while it won’t get you fed to a volcano, can lead to social and economic sanction.
    More to the point, wholesale bloodletting in Europe didn’t begin with the advent of the Roman Catholic Church in 1054AD, nor did it end with the official end of The Inquisition in the 19th Century.
    In fact, the bloodiest chapter in European History was in the 20th century, and was initiated by an Shintoist/Taoist (Hiro Hito), an Atheist (Benito Mussolini), another atheist (Joseph Stalin), and someone who’s mixture of Hindi Aryanism, Celtic and Nordic tradions, and revisionist Catholic Symbolism would probably label him a new-ager today (Adolph Hitler, a man spiritually ahead of his time I guess).
    Simplistic and superficial “understandings” of history, only serve to reinforce, and sometimes even create Hatred AND Prejudice.
    Hatred and bigotry of all stripes (and rationalizations) is a tool of the enemy. When you hate, the enemy wins.
    I hate certain types of anti-social behavior, and thought, but I stop short of making broad assertions about people based on limited information, or at least I try to learn more before jumping to conclusions.
    George Bush decided that the attacks on New York City and Washington DC were a good enough rationalization to use conventional military forces to punish the entire nation of Afghanistan, and the British Mandate known as Iraq, when what was called for was a small scale special ops initiative that would have easily dispensed with Al-Quaeda.
    But George Bush, along with his millions of supporters, decided to write millions of brown people off as being “other.” Not like us. Not deserving of respect. Not deserving of life. Or at least not to the same degree as a “right thinking” American.
    Should we fall into this trap. Ensnared in the enemy’s thinking. Part of the problem.
    FDR was a fine president in most respects, but he did imprison Americans in concentration camps for no other crime than being of Japanese, and in a few cases, Italian or German descent. ‘Tis a slippery slope…
    I posted the above links because they feature a young Catholic artist who seemed to have a handle on things.

  44. With (literal and less than poetic)
    English translation
    I prefer the other version…

  45. the book of mystical things that i read says that everyone is a jew, and that there are two kinds of jews—the good ones and the bad ones. the bad jews want to kill all of the good jews, and the good jews let them do it, because they believe that peace=capitulation. that is why i write that peace=courage, instead. As you know, the cornerstone of my campaign for president of the usa/prime minister of israel is the re-introduction of the Blessed Lady, the guillotine. I am for a just and painless death/removal of people who offend the common good/peace. this will sound radical to many who support bombing civilians all over the world in order to make the top one percent even richer, as they steal oil water and resources, but—it is far easier just to arrest those who are guilty and try them under a new standard of justice—(the common good), and if found guilty, then they should be swiftly beheaded, and replaced with a grandmother who has sworn to create peace on earth, and who will answer to a tribunal of grandmothers, who will answer to me.

  46. Ladyjane Green says:

    Wow, as a gay woman razed cathlick I was sickened but not surprised at this link. Pretty disturbing, and required watching for all who need a quick lesson in history of torture/the cathlick church. They would still use this shit if they still ran the show, i have no doubt. The Nazi Pope in there now is no different. We(all damaged ex cathlicks)should auction off the Vatican and its contents, and distribute the proceeds to all abuse survivors, and the poor(the hungry, etc.). Another old boys club dedicated to promoting child molesting, and the subjugation of women. How come they think they can tell us how to live our lives? Jesus was friends with whores, taxcollecters,political dissidents,and queers, So am I.

  47. thanks for posting that youtube link.
    recently, just to calm my brothers and sisters, I had a dna test done to actually find out what our physical origins were as a family.
    We are mostly Ashkenazi, but no one knew this til the dna results returned..
    I often wonder, when I see this video, or read about the horrific Inquisitions of the Catholic Church, which one of my ancestors was so terrified for their life that they would give up who they were and bow down to the pope?
    We were raised catholic, in the strictest of terms, because someone, somewhere in europe, at some point, was afraid for their life thanks to some Pope’s edict.
    Makes me wonder how many more of us out there are Ashkenazi whose ancestors were beaten into submission..
    going to send this link out , thanks again.

  48. I’m not the most observant Orthodox Christian I know, but I still attend the occasional liturgical service for the communion it offers (whenever the spirit moves me), and believe that the Holy Spirit acts through the agency of the church despite the people there, not because of them.
    After all, He said, “Take up your cross and follow me.” Not: Take up your cross and follow my followers.
    So, my question is, do you really believe the things you said about me?
    Love and a peace that surpasses all understanding,