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The leaders of Anti-Zion:

The government of Israel is trying to destroy it:


  1. Johnny Argent says:

    Hi, Calmer, I read your comment with interest. It makes me wonder how you address people with whom you disagree when you’re not so calm. Let’s give your substantive message another look, shall we?
    >>Nothing makes Zionism look more reasonable than having a crazy, self-absorbed has-been celebrity conspiracy theorist go off on some looney rant-fest against it, and you do that on a regular basis.<<
    if someone were self-absorbed, wouldn’t they be too busy living the “High Life” in La La Land to be putting themselves on the line and challenging a powerful geo-political force like the nation of Israel and its affiliated Intelligence Community and Lobby? Speaking of rant-fests, would violated UN Resolutions qualify as rant-fests, or would the almost universal condemnations of the brutal beatdown in Gaza last year, or the attack on the blockade where an unarmed civilian woman was shot in the face and lost an eye qualify as part of what I guess you see as an ongoing “rant-fest?”
    One more thing: The has-been status you assign to Roseanne is arguable, but, for the sake of discussion, let’s let it stand, for now. Are you familiar with the old saying, “Better a has-been than a never-was?” I wonder if you’ve accomplished something on a scale of coming from near poverty to where Roseanne still is, professionally, these days? Perhaps you’d care to share the manner(s) in which you’ve distinguished yourself, or share withe us a list of your accomplishments? What’s up in your life, Calmer, that qualifies your opinions as some we should consider respectfully? You wouldn’t be someone who just parrots the party line, would you? That’s an easily-assumed stance, isn’t it?

  2. Johnny Argent says:

    Geoff, perhaps one contributor to the sense of well being in Israel is the fact that they receive billions of dollars, annually, in US Foreign Aid. Does it strike you as odd that one of the dozen or so wealthiest nations on earth receives more “aid” than the entire suffering continent of Africa, or, say, the poverty-wracked nations of central America?
    It’s not hard to verify the fact that nearly 30 cents on the American tax dollar to foreign countries goes to this tiny nation which certainly should decline such help in a world with countless millions of starving children. How does Israel continue, in good conscience, to claim any kind of moral high ground in the face of such a undeniable fact? Does it qualify one as Anti-Semitic or even hostile to the nation of Israel to ask such a question?
    Do you suppose it could be something of a sweetheart deal between the Israeli Gov’t and American Arms dealers? With a huge nuclear arsenal and the undeniably mightiest conventional military in its corner of the world, why do they need to make weapons purchases year after year, and continue to represent themselves as threatened and beleagured? The whole world witnessed the beatdown they administered in Gaza last year. Gaza, home of Hamas, the supposedly fearsome mega-force which Israel points to as the threatening boogeyman on their doorstep. Thank G-d for propaganda, Eh?

  3. Geoff: “her people are rated as some of the happiest on earth”
    Global Peace Index (2010)
    Israel is ranked 144 out of 149 (Iraq).
    When you scroll down the index, just click on Israel and read the stats. The US is ranked 85..New Zealand is ranked number one.

  4. Dear Roseanne,
    is there a way to contact you in private like email? I have a few personal matters/ questions.
    (sorry for the grammar, I’m from Germany)

  5. Geof, I would rather rant on a blog very few come to visit than embrace a separatist ideology of fascism, thanks.

  6. funny, by all accounts, one of the few countries to weather the economic depression has been israel
    immigration to israel is up, her people are rated as some of the happiest on earth, and the country is a leader in new technologies. doesnt sound like they are going anywhere soon.
    ms barr, i suggest you attempt to emulate another former 80s star….mayim bialik. she has embraced her judaism and her people. she is getting more and more tv roles, is a leading voice in parenting, and is much beloved by many.
    or you can stay here and rant one a blog very few come to visit.
    your choice.

  7. LovetheLove says:

    Interesting how “calmer than you” appears to be *anything but*….calm.

  8. Nothing on earth will make racism look reasonable.

  9. Calmer Than You, Dude says:

    On behalf of the International Zionist Conspiracy, I’d like to thank you, Roseanne.
    Nothing makes Zionism look more reasonable than having a crazy, self-absorbed has-been celebrity conspiracy theorist go off on some looney rant-fest against it, and you do that on a regular basis.
    Keep up the good work!

  10. Too complicated, I thought Rosanne was our leader, not some Avneri settler in Israel…

  11. I just read Mr Avnery Column. It is an interesting Read ,he is good publicist and has a very effective way to convey his Agenda. BUT he write with the same deception and Demagogy and lack of context as many other known anty-israeli scholars do – It is very interesting for me to identify the same tactic when it comes to de-legitimizing Israel ,they are very carefull with Facts ,you would hardly find them doing a mistake of bringing false information but it is the way which they mold this info ,the way they build there argument which is fascinating to me. If i were a naive not that well informed passanger of this earth i would reach terrible conclusion On Israel having finishing reading Avneries Esseys ,but here is the catch it dependes on this exact assetion ,that the reader is not informed ,that he will move to the next item just as quickly ,that he has mentioned just enough FACTS for them to stick and that no one will go and investigate the context. It is very effective method ,it is working and it relys on us being shellow and impetiant. This propoganda fits perfectly to our generation of short attention span ,Internet Clips and boredom.