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shame on these jews!

shame on Israel!


  1. >”The truth always hides somewhere in the middle.”
    a thief repeatedly breaks into your house and steals your stuff. Each time he is caught he says “The truth always hides somewhere in the middle.” and so persuades the simple minded cop that he only has to give back half the stuff. .. eventually you’re left with nothing.

  2. Those people are individulas.
    Regarding to them as jews, makes you a racist. And I’m sure you don’t want to be one.
    And Sure. That site has no bios what so ever..
    why won’t you read this article by the NY TIMES journalist –
    the situation bitween the israelis and the palestines is complicated. sure. but no one can really judge whats wrong or right without truly be a part of the conflict.
    england, russia, the u.s, turky, france – all of them had their share of changing the history course by taking lands and establashing home as they know it. no one remembers that, cause it took some time ago.
    when people tried to establish home, it has been always on the back of others.
    in the israel-palestine conflict it is even more complicated. 2 nations with no realtion (and no my dear, no palestine was jewish before the isarelis ‘kicked’ him out) and no other place to go are trying the best to live in a small approx’ 22,000 km. that’s it. for almost 8 milion people…thats a rather small teritory.
    it is not a personal conflict. and israeli and an arab can be best friends. but like any other country…like yours…there are sections in the people who is chosen to lead. that section, from time to time, represent a small amount of the population. small but powerfull (due to acsses to the media, furtune and etc’) and therfoe you seat in the comfort of your livingroom and hear about the poor people who got killed cause the IDF strikes gaza. no one cares that shorthly before that, the hamas shut missiles to a civil population.
    The truth always hides somewhere in the middle.
    Look for it.