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religion helps to make women a class of prey for predators:

As usual, the suffering are mostly women and children, that is how patriarchy works, and how it is planned and executed–women and children–cheap labor and unprotected rape victims for predators and businessmen. Be proud of yourselves, you big strong men at the top-you have invented a foolproof system that can never be overthrown, at least until the invention of the internet (the most dangerous things to you are fact and data) so now you must hustle and bustle around to outlaw that too.  Nice work, men.  Nice touch using your Sarah Palin Sex Slaves to help keep you in power too!


  1. Kaylin Alida says:

    Oh my goodness Roseanne this made me cry :*(

  2. Ladyjane Green says:

    Damn, this link is sad. I kept reading about all the raped women in the Congo, after reading how all these starving women and children flood survivors in pakistan are at risk from not only disease, and exposure, they are also subject to widespread sexual assault. Proof that some dudes will stick it in” any port in a storm” talk about kicking women when they are down.Many of these pakistani wimmin andkids are from remote fundamentalist villages, where the religious laws have kept them all but hidden from the light of day. Cant even accept aide from male workers, and there are hardly enough female workers to go around. Patriarchy at work, like rust, it never sleeps.