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Reagan conspired to keep our citizens hostages in Iran

along with George Bush in order to defeat Jimmy Carter.  Israel sent fighter planes to Iran in order to thank the Iranians.  Treason!  the October surprise…palin beck and the other fascists love Reagan.  What is so sad to me is that I cannot get a show on the air anywhere, and so I moved to the net, and now the net is part of big brother and freedom of creation for artists and writers is being burned alive at the stake!  YOUR ARTISTS AND DREAMERS AND VISIONARIES ARE BEING CENSORED ALONG WITH YOUR WOMEN!  FALL BABBLE ON!  FALL BULLSHIT!  FALL SATAN! satan you are dead now and the church is dead with you. LOL!  you brought it all on yourself babylon.  anne rice joins me in leaving christianity, as I have done, and also left Judaism and Islam.  I am a free thinking woman, the bane of the existence of patriarchy!  cackle cackle said the wicked witch of the mideast.  The goddess r n a grows free in the wild.

                                                             she is green
she is immortal. dioxynucleicacid is her vessel


  1. LovetheLove says:

    They’re all horrible, but Glenn Beck has a special way of making people hate him (and love him sadly enough). He’s nothing more than a shill for the state, like all mainstream media figures. Our cultural mindset is actually being shaped by this “punditocracy” (thank you Janeane Garofalo for that word!)

  2. palin is a dumbass and we should not even speak her name because everytime we do its only for her political gain!

    the movie ‘cover up behind the iran contra affair’ narrated by elizabeth montgomery
    is a great documentary on this.

  4. Constantly surprises Oh