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Ramadam begins just before Rosh Hashannah


  1. Thank you Kasem and Oculus, Everytime someone needs prespective in Life he can take a look at the two of you….

  2. Don’t they make their “matso bread” with childrens’ blood for Roshshashana?
    Love this blog Rosanne, if only you had blue eyes and blond hair and weighed 230 lds. less… Oh, and didn’t have this Jewish gene two generations back. You could have been perfect.

  3. Here is another thing you can add to Rosh Hashanah which must be by now the size of an encyclopaedia plus.
    The rite of circumcision.
    Circumcision mutilation is the most disgusting barbaric form of torture under the disguise of a rite.
    This is disgusting too: Kapparos ritual
    Swinging live chickens around your head, then slitting their throats. You can add that to the Rosh Hashanan encyclopaedia.

  4. Have a happy and blessed Ramadan
    Rosh Hashanah : I forgot what this is all about again, so I searched it on google, I nearly choked on my coffee! What a load of shite. So much for last years and the years before, didn’t work did it? One/Two days observance, who is kidding who? need more than those days.
    Does this mean the non-jews and the good jews will have peace for a couple of days. If that is the case, then hurray for Rosh Hashanan..
    I suppose blowing through the horn is better than blowing up the world.
    So, when is Rosh Hashanan going to be made redundant?
    Don’t bother replying to my post, I am not in the mood for meaningless crap..thank you.

  5. DJ Tenn. nYc says:

    I just wish that religion would unite for once rather than divide.
    good and bad in all.. no blanket judgement for people.

  6. Yet to choose to cite those verses…Still you gotta admit this is the 21th century ,you are logged in to Roseanne Bar Blog ,surfing a high speed top of the art technological network of knowledge ,yet you talk of Hell and Terrible Doom and Evil..How does it make you feel?

  7. Yes, this is Quran, you should study it to get a better understanding, not all words are to be take literary.

  8. Kasem has left the building….On his way to a theater near you. Is that really what the Quran sais? – kinda like a bad horror movie. In a way i fill pity that you are the face of Islam on this Blog, i really hope you aren’t a payed Zionist Mercenary payed to smear Islam. :)

  9. Ramadan Mubarak!
    The holy month of Ramadan unites all Muslims in fasting, feasting, worship and prayer. It is a time for contemplation, spirituality and brotherhood.
    I call all Jews who wish to repent for Zionism atrocities against Muslims to join us in fasting and in prayer. Inshallah some will see the truth and even convert.
    Rosanne, you are a saint although you do not know this yet, Allah ma-ak (god is with you).
    The first time a Jew reads the Quran he is often surprised by the fact that the Quran does not focus on Muhammed, Ishmael or the Arab people. Instead the Quran focuses primarilly on the Jewish patriarchs and prophets. The Quran concerns itself primarily with the history and future of the Children of Israel. Thus the primary figures of the Quran are figures like Abraham, Joseph, Moses and King David. In fact the primary figure of the Quran is Moshe Aveynu (Moses our father) who is mentioned more than any other individual in the Quran. Many Jews are surprised to learn that one entire “Surah” (chapter) of the Quran (Surah 17) is titled “The Children of Israel”.
    It is not a coincidence that Moses (our father) is the most mentioned in the holly Quran. Jews are supposed to be Muslim, but some went the wrong way.
    Ignominy shall be their portion [the Jews'] wheresoever they are found… They have incurred anger from their Lord, and wretchedness is laid upon them… because they disbelieve the revelations of Allah and slew the Prophets wrongfully… because they were rebellious and used to transgress. [Surah 111, v. 112]
    And thou wilt find them [the Jews] the greediest of mankind….[Surah 11, v. 96]
    Evil is that for which they sell their souls… For disbelievers is a terrible doom.[Surah II, v. 90]
    Taste ye [Jews] the punishment of burning.[Surah III, v. 18 1]
    Proclaim a woeful punishment to those that hoard up gold and silver…. Their treasures shall be heated in the dres of Hell, and their foreheads, sides and backs branded with them. . . . ‘Taste then the punishment which is your due. [Surah IX, v. 35]
    “They [the Jews] are the heirs of Hell…. They will spare no pains to corrupt you. They desire nothing but your ruin. Their hatred is clear from what they say … When evil befalls you they rejoice.” Ibid. [Surah 111, v. 117-120]

  10. hello roseanne,
    i want to wish all the muslims a wonderful ramadan. this is a month for physical and spiritual cleansing. we must not forget what ramadan is all about. also wishing the jews a wonderful rosh hashannah. hope the spiritual commonolity brings both groups together to live in peace as they once did….before zionism.