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Obama’s vision is bullshit

and is sinking like a bastard.  More unemployment, more foreclosures.  The economy will tank totally this christmas–nobody has any money to buy anything.  The war will end and the soldiers will come home and help to round up the immigrants and the homeless and the unemployed, and send them to Fema camps.  Get ready, people.  Take your money out of big banks and put it into local credit unions, learn to grow gardens and store water in glass containers.  Get Mormon Church food for each member of your family, enough to last one year.  help each other, unify, build community food banks.  Stay focused and in control of fear and want.  God Help America.


  1. LovetheLove says:

    The thing is, I believe in a supreme Creator being. Your nihilism is understandable though because of the society we live in. But it’s been constructed that way. It’s not our nature! We learn behavior, but we’re all born as clean slates. I have to believe that.

  2. “But about human nature to destory ourselves…I don’t think that’s true. Don’t forget, we are both Light AND Dark. We have the ability to destroy. But we also have the ability to create.”
    I disagree. It may seem nihilistic of me, but the origin of life, a single cell, survived and grew because it took over. Taking over is in the genes of life. Although that does not mean we cannot work together…

  3. LovetheLove says:

    Ok Susan, I see where you’re coming from and it makes sense. It’s hard to always have respect though, but you’re right about that. But about human nature to destory ourselves…I don’t think that’s true. Don’t forget, we are both Light AND Dark. We have the ability to destroy. But we also have the ability to create. Let’s focus on that!

  4. It’s human nature to destroy one another. And that, IMHO, is what is going to kill us off. Just my opinion.

  5. All I said was respect him, you may not agree with him, but he is still a human being…by respecting him I simply said call him by his name, not obummer or nobama or any of the other derogatory names flying around out there. For example, I don’t know you, but out of respect, I would call you LovetheLove and not some derogatory name just because I don’t always agree with you. Supporting him is another story. Supporting someone and respecting someone are two different things. So, to answer your question, if he said 2/3s of the population would have to be wiped out to help the climate, then no, I would not support that decision.

  6. LovetheLove says:

    But what about the “Barry” part? The whole name thing and his place of birth is so ambiguous, I shouldn’t have brought that part up.
    But the unfulfilled promises are to get us out of the middle east! To close Guantanamo, to reverse the horrible polices of the previous administration, to repeal the “patriot act”. And and and and and and…….
    The reason I said your thought process is obsolete is because you’re appealing to authority figures BECAUSE THEY ARE AUTHORITY FIGURES! You said that no matter what he does we have to respect him because he’s the president. So if he said that 2/3s of the population had to be wiped out to help the climate, would you still say we have to unconditionally support him because of the political status he holds? What about people who don’t even believe in politics but who believe that only spirituality is important? C’mon Susan. You’re obviously not a stupid person. Wake up.

  7. Which is why this country is going down the shitter. What are you talking about? Distant past, where I belong? My thought process is obsolete, please explain, you’re not making any sence. What did he promise that he isn’t fulfilling, please enlighten me…oh and for the record, his name is Barack Obama, his stepfather’s name was Soetoro, not his.

  8. LovetheLove says:

    Oh, and…his name is Barry Soetoro, not Barack Obama.

  9. LovetheLove says:

    Susan, you are not living in the correct time period. I truly hope that you get your wish: a time machine back into the distant past. Where you belong. Your thought process is OBSOLETE.
    I do not respect those who do not earn it. What I would like the King to be doing is honoring the promises he made during his “presidential” campaign.

  10. First off his name is President Obama not Obummer, show a little respect. Whether you agree with his policies or not, he is the President, and as such, he deserves respect. Now, my question is, what would you like him to be doing that he isn’t doing? Is he just not doing it fast enough for you?

  11. LovetheLove says:

    Everybody including Roseanne absolutely must watch this online documentary. It’s called “The Obama Deception” and it’s already gone viral online. Almost 7 million people have already seen it:

  12. LovetheLove says:

    Susan, it started way BEFORE Bush. Bush just took it to the next level. And now Obummer. Sam, you raise excellent points and yes, people ARE brainwashed by the indoctrination, oh…I mean, “education” system :-P But it’s also the government/corporate media by its omission of the facts. If 100% of Americans were TOLD about what’s going on, probably around 75% of us WOULD stand up and do something but the sad reality is that only a handful of us search for this information. The vast majority of people would have to be smacked int head with it. And even some of THEM would either make excuses for it, or return to their tv sets/malls/clubs/etc. Brainwashed? More than you probably think my friend! But look at YOU! Look at me! Look at Roseanne! WE are what now stands in the way of the government going full-speed-ahead with its plan. WE are the ones slowing them down.
    By the way guys, protesting in the streets does NOTHING except build community amongst eachother (which of course is good) but the elites don’t care about that. Just before the Iraq war started in 2003, about 500,000 of us gathered in the streets of NYC to tell Bush that we will NOT support an Iraq invasion. Did he listen to us? You bet! He told us in his silent smirky little chimpanzee way to go fuck ourselves. Obama seems to feel the same way.
    The answer is permament non-violent non-compliance. Refusal to acknowledge the IRS, massive boycotts and strikes, and even large-scale downtown city sit-ins. NON-COMPLIANCE my friends! Peacefully.

  13. I just can not believe what the common folk are standing for and allowing to happen. Are there not enough of us who work, and pay our taxes, and try to live decent? Why are we as a nation not out there screaming and demanding things to change? Have we become so brain washed that we just sit back and “take it”? Please people…raise your voice. Rosie is payin attention and it is time that we all start to as well.

  14. Absolutely, cause everyone knows that this is all because of Obama…none of it started with bush and his cronies.

  15. LovetheLove says:

    The official cover-story will be that these FEMA camps are for immigrants and terrorists. But the real reason for the existance of these camps will be for American PROTESTERS. If that wasn’t true, then why does the media never mention these camps? Those who talk about this are still just “nutty conspiracy theorists”. C’mon, use your intuition and look at all the signs.

  16. Habitual Offender says:

    I’ve done a lot of reading on these “Fema camps”. Which are for disasters like katrina. Much effort has been put in to them in case something like that happens again. Think about the poor conditions at the super dome, all those people crammed in to an area ment for sports. I don’t believe for one minute they are for Americans, Perhaps detaining Illegal Immigrants. Roseanne you brought up a good point regarding our troops coming home, I say we send over all the rounded up Illegal Immigrants and send them over there instead. They want freedom then fight for it, nothing is for free! if and when they return we grant them citizenship. I’m going to stop now because once I get going on this I’ll go on and on.

  17. LovetheLove says:

    “Americans should be grateful and appreciate that these camps exist.”
    Now I think I’ve heard it all.

  18. tomnseattle says:

    You know he wishes He could just Quit and Go Home Untill we start manufacturing Things again and STOP this stupid FREE TRADE crap things will never get any better

  19. WORK MAKES FREE! You have described the perfect Nazi concentration camp!

  20. like jail?

  21. A great stimulus package for creating jobs, would be building more FEMA camps and refurbishment of the camps already in existence. Up grade the hospital, dental, kitchens and so on. Basic human requirements. Hot showers. Mend any leaking roofs. Plenty of work for the unemployed with the skills. An upgrade on the heating system would be ideal.
    Create jobs by building a fence with security monitoring, this will ease the worry from external pressures.
    An office could be set aside for the International Human Rights aspect of it. Another one for the Red Cross.
    Free accommodation, Free health care, Free food. A decent bed with clean sheets.
    Fema camps are a temporary solution to ease the stress of the demise of law and order. Once law and order is resolved, then just open the security gates and walk out. No doubt there will be financial assistance giving on leaving and a package of basic rations, toothbrush, soap, chocolate, tampons..stuff like that to help with the transition.
    Americans should be grateful and appreciate that these camps exist. Americans are better off than some countries. The last thing you want is for a love one being found shot dead in a ditch. At least in America there is somewhere to go. It might not be for everyone’s choosing. But sometimes we must all take the rough with the smooth.
    Just look at it as going on an extended free vacation. If word gets out, people will be knocking on the gates to get in.

  22. LovetheLove says:

    I don’t know about the Mormon church (they scare me) but I sure do agree with you about Obummer and the FEMA camps, especially for us dissidents. Stay strong my lovely lady!