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obama thinks independents elected him


  1. Well not that it matters but I am from a mixed race family
    Mother is white I am mexican and i have 4 black/white siblings.
    I am registerd independant and i voted for OBaMA.
    I cried lol when he was elected. More so for my family and a hope for something diffrent.
    Anyhoo Obama is not livn up to that hype

  2. I find it interesting that everyone thought he would be the face of change until he got elected; then the governmental shit hit the fan so to speak. I hate to be so crude and frank, but then again this is RoseanneWorld, where it’s best to tell it like it is. I originally supported Obama but as time goes on, I’m liking him less and less. Oddly enough it was Roseanne who brought his failures to my attention. I hate to dislike a president, but I’m finding that this administration isn’t going anywhere.

  3. The people who voted for Obama; betrayed the American people. When they betrayed Hillary they voted with stars in their eyes. The stars have faded now. We need the true crusader for the working poor and middle class. We need someone who will not need to cater to the right. HILLARY 2012, 2016, 2020.

  4. DJ Tenn. nYc says:

    I am an independent who usually votes Green Part and Dems only as a last resort.
    some states let independents vote in the primaries , which is why most republicans lean towards that , they know they can cause more damage to the Dems that way by voting for the less desirable candidate to win the primary.
    Living in Harlem, I knew Obama had it on lockdown, so I voted for Cynthia McKinney so the Green Party could get matched funds from the govt. and also I felt she would have been the candidate of true change.
    Now that the election is over and I see more young Black men more upset over LeBron James decisions than Obama’s decisions, I know we are sunk.

  5. LovetheLove says:

    “Majority of “independents” vote Republican (FACT).”
    Yeah I noticed that too. Why is that though? I don’t get it. I’m an “independent” and I’ve never voted for a republican or democrat in my life!

  6. He is totally wrong!
    Most independents classify them selves as such because they do not agree with the Democratic but don’t want to associate themselves with the Republicans. Majority of “independents” vote Republican (FACT).
    Obama was elected by African American Democrats who usually don’t vote but this time did.
    He was also elected by the growing Muslim population who identify with his background.
    Obama did not do much for his African American voters but did allot to befriend the American Muslims.
    Our Muslim Population is growing at a higher rate compared to Christians and Jews in the US, so Inshallah, we will have more influence on the White House and eventually be able to suffocate the state of Israel.