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Obama, have a meeting with Cynthia Mckinney

she will tell you what to do to save our country.  Meet with ralph nader too, he has ideas.  None of the people you surround yourself with have any ideas about anything but how to worship money.


  1. Christopher Michael Ward says:

    I am with ya Roseanne. i voted for obama but my first inpulse said mckinney and so did you and i did not listin. Please forgive me as i say you was right the whole time.

  2. Ralph Nader has WONDERFUL ideas. I wish he would just run for the Senate or the House because I think he has NO SHOT at EVER getting President and I think he would be much more effective in the legislative branch of the government than in exectutive.

  3. Ralph Nader!! Yee Haw!! I work in a bookstore and he came in to speak about a year ago. What a man!! I had the pleasure of shaking his hand. Yes, he has ideas indeed!!!

  4. Aloha Roseanne,
    Yes, I am so pleased you have noted the wisdom of Cynthia McKinney and her committment to truth and justice.
    She is one of (few) American politicians who has taken on The Palestinian issue, and fought bravely.
    There are two people from Hawaii, Ken O’Keefe and Anne Wright who are well known and outspoken.
    I would like too share an excellent commentary by Gordon Duff from Veteran Today, he is amazingly prolific and 100% right on:
    I hope you can copy and paste WILL NOT be disappointed.

  5. Kaylin Alida says:

    Unfortunately I agree. Obama is suppost to clear up the mess that Bush made, not add to it. :/

  6. Cynthia would have to shove her way past Rahm , Tim, and the rest of the hordes of Rabid Huns surrounding Obama. His beltway bubble is so tight he is losing vital oxygen and is incapable, at this point , of doing anything more than making speeches. Perhaps only 2 neurotransmitters are still functioning, but it looks grim.
    The patient needs a good jolt from a massive revolt.
    I hope it’s soon, things are pretty shabby out here amongst the peasantry.