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jews in america are harrassed by zionists online who work for aipac

and are paid to go wherever there is a discussion of Israel and call all critisis anti semitism, and then threaten harm (evil eye and evil tongue).  Abe Foxman is not a nice man to jewish people who disagree with him.  He thinks he is defending the jewish people, but he is making things worse for them here and in israel.  You cannot be on the big bankers payrolls and look the american people in the eye anymore and call them anti semites so that you can get them involved with war against iran.  It isn’t going to work for you this time, wall street.  You will not make a killing by killing more people in your wars.  Your time is done.  go to jail and shut up.  elect me queen of the earth! 


  1. Israel does not want the destruction of the Palestinian people. After the vote for the state of Israel by the U.N in 1948, these Palestinians would not accept partition and declared war on Israel. This has gone on for over 60 years. Where was your outrage before Israel went into Gaza after hundreds of rockets were fired into Israeli towns???? Should we Israeisl wait till we have more casualties and match the Palestinian death toll???? The incursion into Gaza only occurred because the Hamas wouldn’t stop. They hide and shoot behind their women and children and then cry when people are killed. Israel does not want to kill anyone. There is no ethnic cleansing and you are spouting some crazy accusations. Nobody wants war. We’d love to have peace with all our neighbors, but no one has the right to shoot rockets and blow up buses and raid schools–yes, it has happened many times in Israel proper, not in the settlements. For some reason, you believe the Palestinians suffer, but so have many Israelis who have lost their loved ones. This is not a case of black and white, Roseanne.

  2. Israel practices collective punishment on a civilian population and embargos aid to them. That doesn’t make Israel humanitarian. Have you ever heard of a thing called reality? Fact? Justice? The peace activists were defending themselves, as they had a right to do after Israeli soldiers, armed to the teeth boarded their vessel in international waters, thereby breaking international law, just like Nazis.
    Should Israelis be greeted as liberators by those they imprison? Should you be held responsible before the world for killing 100 times the civilians that Palestinians have killed in Israel?
    Of course Hamas wants your total destruction, as you want to totally destroy an entire ethnic population of which they are the elected leaders! Are you completely crazy, in that you have given up reason and embraced lies? Be fair, stop killing innocent people! Your side is completely criminal. I am ashamed of Israel. It is just like South Africa. Now your kind are trying to drag us into another war against Iran. You can never ever get enough war. Your country’s entire economy is based on the profit from war! Israeli people cannot survive a war with Iran! Wake up, slave!

  3. As an Israeli citizen, I’m really shocked by the way you talk about Israel. Before you slam Israel and call it a Nazi state, which is a totally unjustifiable and appalling thing to do, you should be aware of all the facts. 1) Israel provides much more humanitarian aid than any flotilla (which brought expired medicine and had to be destroyed by the Gazans). 2) The flotilla’s PEACE ACTIVISTS were armed and ready to injure and beat the soldiers to a pulp. Take a good look at the videos provided by the Turks! 3) The Israeli government warned these so-called activists not to enter Israeli territory, but they refused. Should they be presented with flowers?
    4) I think you are unaware of the fact that Hamas–who govern Gaza -want the total destruction of the people of Israel. They tell the world and their people and the West ignores these announcements. There is so much more that I’d like to say to you… I hope you will take our side into account before you attack Israel again as a Nazi state. Criticism is a right, but try to be fair.

  4. DJ Tenn. nYc says:

    you are seriously about one of 3 people in the public eye that makes any sense whatsoever and tells things like it T-I-S.
    I am waiting for you to weigh in on the subject of Steven Slater, the Rosa Parks of the airline & service industry employees!