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israeli soldier smiles with bound and blindfolded victims: zionists have no shame:



  1. eupheu–maybe they figure their children are better off dead than living under Israeli occupation.

  2. the prime minister is in fact the head of the army in your country’s government.

  3. Roseanne – Begin was never head of the army…Alas i’m getting tired correcting your flow of inaccuracies and lies ,what amazes me you feel no discomfert whatsoever continueing with this oh well….Again compering Carrots to Dolphine ,Hamas and Haaetzel..You have so much to learn but you are picking the most easiest way out i understand who has time to pick a book or open a web page.
    At to Cannibals…Well i guess if a mother or a community has no problem dispatching their own to explode himself or her self it’s an act of? yep Canibbalism. Never in the History of man kind parents are wishing there children certain death. Their wish is that their child will NOT return from battle. Go figure.

  4. eupheu–you left out that the bomber became Israel’s prime minister. Menacham Begin…former terrorist…later head of the army, just like Hamas. So now the Arabs are cannibals? wow.

  5. My most avid followers are american women, most of them have been here for more than a few years. Of course you miss that point, as women are not important in your thinking anyway. Religious apologists and zealots show up whenever I write about Israel. Of course, they only come here to disagree and “set the jew/woman straight”. and have less than no interest in my opinions or words-but a lot of people do– and realize that a majority of american jewish women think like I do, many of them policy makers and women in positions of real power.

  6. Roseanne, I do apologize – I’m new to this blog so haven’t read many of your prior posts. Indeed, using white phosphorous on children ranks in the top five worst thing.
    But, really I don’t know what to expect. If you think that physical injury is not far worse that stupid-girl-photo-shoot, I guess we don’t have any common ground. No wonder your most avid followers are muslim-supremacists, misogynist fellows like Kasem.

  7. Oh Roseanne next you will be hurling “one woman’s terrorist is another one’s freedom fighter” Slogan.(noticed how i changed man to woman – just for you :). Why are you defending the indefensible? seems you are willing to absorb/understand any horrific action by the Arabs as long as ISrael is involved. Why are you so vested emotionaly in this? Because you want to save the Jews? is that your motivation? the path to saving our souls can’t go through a smear and deceit campeign ,don’t you know that? King david hotel bombinb was condemnd by the leaders of the jewish community it did’t get any popular support by the people – which is the total opposite of Palestinian/Arab terrorism which is embraced supported by the common man and funded and indoctrinized by the leadership – See the difference? A culture which see human sacrifice of it’s own and it’s enemy as an acceptable method of resistance ,Canibalism at it’s purest form. Do you really want to identify yourself with this kind of struggle?
    As to the Gaza propoganda campeign..What Censorship are you babbling about? Reporters can go in and out of Gaza withno problem ,you can broadcast freely by Satelite/Internet any material you want from Gaza ,This isn’t the American/European campeign in Iraq/Afganistan where no one really knows whats going on. You have Israeli/Jewish sources reporting from Gaza and West Bank ,organizations publishing constantly on events in Gaza. Why do you insist on reproducing this chewed ,boring material? do you feel comfartable spreading lies ,surely it doesn’t contribute to one’s character and self esteem.

  8. eupheu- everyone remembers begin blowing up the king david hotel and being called a terrorist too…but as soon as Israel stops censoring the photos, and the world sees what the jews have done in gaza, your dream of getting the entire world to hate our guts so that you can whine to your mommy about how hard you have it will come true.

  9. If you had any fucking brains at all, or a memory or the ability to retain information, or listen to a woman, (which you don’t, and that makes you peer with kasem, by the way)–then you would know that i consider using white phosphorous on children the worst possible thing that could be done by a bunch of fucking assholes anywhere. Next, would be exploding buses, bombs in subway stations, planes crashing into buildings and talking to you!

  10. Thanks. At last I have an answer.
    Again, both acts are wrong, not justifiable and disgusting, but I needed a scale. btw, judging by Kasem’s comments, he’s no less oblivious to the suffering of those he injured than that soldier.
    Being a fucking idiot, I can’t help but wonder what acts do you consider worse than that photo shoot. Exploding a bus in Tel Aviv? Setting bombs in London subway stations? Crashing planes into civilian buildings? All are the acts of the oppressed against oppressing fascists who are oblivious to their suffering.

  11. I AM an Israeli supporter, you fucking idiot–it’s fascists like YOU that I don’t support–first of all, you do not have the ability to think reason or LISTEN. You are killing our people and Israel because you have no empathy for anyone but yourself. You tell me which you would prefer–to be hit by stones or bound and blindfolded by a fascist soldier who is oblivious to your suffering and the suffering of all like you…which do you prefer? I prefer to be hit by stones. There! you are the death of all the decent jewish people on earth, including in Israel, and I do hope someone throws a rock at you! I would do it if I could, and so would everyone on earth who sees what a fucking jack off you are. asshole!

  12. you love to argue, but yet evade a simple, very simple question –
    Would you prefer being stoned or being in a photo shoot?
    I have a feeling that deep inside you know what’s the right answer here, but for some reason fail to admit it. Saying that stoning is worse won’t make you an Israeli supporter, don’t worry. It will only show that you are thinking, critical, human being.

  13. I thought you were in agreement with me, since your comments were always to the people who disagreed with me! talk about a mirror! If you wanted me to respond to you you might have addressed me…see ya! ps–i do love to argue !

  14. LovetheLove says:

    Roseanne, I’m noticing a pattern with you. You seem to only respond to negative posters. When somebody agrees with you or says something positive or even asks you a question, you tend to ignore them. That is so weird. I don’t get it.
    I wish you all Godspeed! But I’m out.
    Peace y’all!

  15. Quote:
    Roseanne August 18, 2010 11:13 AM
    Kasem: All three Abrahamic religions are terrible for women, and will never bring peace anywhere on earth-
    End quote
    this is where you are wrong.
    Islam is the only “Abrahamic” religion that protects women.
    You will probably slap me with a picture of a women waring a Hijab, but in fact the hijab protects women.
    Did you ever ask yourself how many rapes are committed in the US verses Saudi?
    Did you ever ask yourself how many Muslim husbands are committing adulatory Vs American husbands.
    We keep our women at home not by force, they actually see that as respect.
    The Muslim women are the most happiest women in the world.
    Try seeing it in a different perspective:
    Our women have the freedom to not have to deal with the daily bothers and has the luxury to stay home, not have to work, worry about safety etc…

  16. So in Roseanne world ,Israel is the 21th century equivelant of Nazi Germany…Ok ,fair enough Similarities are striking – Everyone remembers the Cohens and Levis of the 1940’s exploding themselves in Berlin and Hamburg ripping to shreds the Shnitzel and Strudel resturants..And blowing up the Trains in Cologne how can i forget..Yep and the thousends of rockets the Jews of Gheto Warsaw launched at Nurenberg…And how can i forget the trains transffering palestinians to the gas chambers of Tel-Aviv..This genocide which saw the Palestinians reduced from a million to 3 million strong population – never was a genocide that effective..And Yes stealing carrots is the equivelant to throwing stones with intent to kill ,Yep those deadly carrots…You not only stain the memory of the holocust ,you are rediculing the palestinian struggle for statehood.

  17. where does he admit that he did something wrong? And what did I do wrong?
    I’m surprised that you are comparing stealing carrots for subsistence and inflicting wounds on people. You don’t see the difference between the two scenarios? Roseanne, you don’t cease to surprise me.

  18. to cowrie: the nazis had to close the sewers in the warsaw ghetto, because little jewish children crawled out of them into the polish section to “steal” carrots and smuggle them back to their starving families. There is a newsreel where the nazis explain why they had to arrest these kids…they threatened the Reich!
    You should watch it. It will disgust you how badly the poor nazis come off! They were simply upholding the law against lawbreakers! In the film, the eight year olds hands were in the air, as the German officers smiled in the “photo op”. Now, which was worse, breaking the law by stealing carrots, or the german officers simply smiling in front of some arrested children? I say that the german officers and their photo op were far more disgusting, not because they were forced to arrest lawbreakers, and not because they were smiling, but because they were enacting a genocide. That is the same reason that the smiling Israeli soldier is more disgusting to me–because Israel is enacting genocide too. Genocide is not a good thing, even when the dead are non jews!
    another difference between you and kasem: he actually admits he did something wrong.

  19. Actually I understand Kasem’s reasons for throwing rocks. I’m just appalled by the fact that:
    1. he’s so proud of it
    2. Roseanne thinks it’s less terrible than that stupid “photo shoot”.

  20. Johnny Argent says:

    The truth is the truth, and one can’t argue with the fact that injuring someone with rock-throwing is just plain wrong. And, from the pictures in question, technically, there’s no evidence that tangible physical injuries have been inflicted. Your point is taken.
    Now that we’ve established a point of ethical reference, let’s continue along this tangent. Which side in this conflict has killed more human beings, in the last year, alone, probably by a factor of more than a hundred?
    I’m hoping that someone with your ethical sense and sharp powers of critical thinking won’t provide “reasons” for why Israel caused that vastly disproportionate amount of death, suffering and destruction, any more than you’d accept “reasons” why a Palestinian boy felt compelled to throw rocks at people he saw as occupiers and victimizers of his people.
    Thank you for considering the above.

  21. That soldier did not physically harm those Palestinians. Kasem, by his own admission, physically injured two guys.
    If I’ll give you a choice between being stoned and being blind folded while being photographed by a stupid girl, what would you prefer?

  22. Kasem: All three Abrahamic religions are terrible for women, and will never bring peace anywhere on earth-

  23. You are right that it was a terrible (not terrorist) act to throw rocks down on a road at cars below, but you are wrong that its even WORSE than an occupying army member smiling in front of bound and blindfolded prisoners. Do you have no sense of proportion? (Zionist outrage at lesser offenses than what they support is what is so completely sociopathic about their whole frame of mind). Get a grip! Good God!

  24. Again, innocent was the wrong word. But I guess there could have been innocent babies in that car.
    Am I that crazy thinking that celebrating a terror act, as Kasem did in this thread, is disgusting (even more than the photos of that israeli soldier)? Am I only one to think that such terror acts don’t improve the situation, just makes things more complicated?

  25. LovetheLove says:

    Roseanne, have you ever heard of the Meria Heller show? She’s a Jewish woman originally from New York City and she’s one of the best. I think you’d really dig her. Her shows covers so many topics I can’t even begin to count them. Check her out!

  26. Point made!
    We (Muslims) are taking over the world peacefully, while you are just creating conflict and intrigue.
    And the reason I am here was give in one of my previous posts. Also, the Arab countries keep Palestinians in temporary refugee camps with no citizenship. While this may seem segregating in western eyes, it is in fact in the benefit of the Palestinians because they will never be forgotten and all will know that they need to go back to their land.

  27. Kasem Said “The Israelis are the ones who say they are willing to talk and negotiate, but they refuse to go to the table without us giving up the right to return.”
    That’s not correct ,you may bring everything to the table but you won’t reach an agreement if you insist on right of return, why you ask? because it’s not reasonable.
    “I am not worried because public opinion in the world is changing to our favor. More and more of the western countries are filled with Muslims who can vote and influence decissions and change the western culture for a better one.
    No war is needed, with the help of Allah, demographics will rule, while your morals and ethics are so centralistic and narcicistic, you have 1.3 children per family, WE HAVE 4.
    Give us 25 years, and a Muslim president will not have to hide his religion!!!”
    I agree :) The Question that needs to be asked why did you even bother move to a Western Country if all you want is an Islamic ruler or an Islamic Culture?? couldn’t you just saved the bother and stay in Arabia? And then one would ask why would a Moslem want and Islamic leader? reality shows us all Islamic countries are retarded can’t secure decent living to the population.
    BTW in Israel demo statistics are much higer then 1.3 then you would have step it up to meet your goal.

  28. But I am reasonable,
    The Israelis are the ones who say they are willing to talk and negotiate, but they refuse to go to the table without us giving up the right to return.
    I am not worried because public opinion in the world is changing to our favor. More and more of the western countries are filled with Muslims who can vote and influence decissions and change the western culture for a better one.
    No war is needed, with the help of Allah, demographics will rule, while your morals and ethics are so centralistic and narcicistic, you have 1.3 children per family, WE HAVE 4.
    Give us 25 years, and a Muslim president will not have to hide his religion!!!

  29. Kasem said “How can they expect us to have our own country without the land stolen”
    Your a funny dude Kasem, by your own testiment your family is of an Iraqi Jewish decent so what stolen lands do you want back exactly? By all means go back to Iraq claim your land back. The Greater land of Israel does extend to the Euphrates but to me best of my knowledge that isn’t the case today. Nobody is witholding your right of return to Iraq ,in fact Bush Junior made sure you can get back there easilly. We wish you a safe trip.
    Kasem said “Imagine cheating someone off his home, making him homeless and then refusing him the right to return ”
    Tranlsation ,We (Arabs) tried to kill the jews in 48 and 67 ,failed lost Run ,but we still feel we are entitled to “our” land. It’s kinda get out jail free card for you guys? You are free to try kill as much as you can but god forbid you pay the consenquences?so NO ,you don’t have a right to return ,you may return to a future palestinian state or as before to your home land of Iraq/Saudi/Jordan from whereever you came from.
    Kasem said “they claim they dried up the swamps, but swamp land is the most fertile.”
    Swamp land is most fertile – self explainatory why the Land of Israel/Palestine was Either barren ,neglected ,devestated untill Jewish immigration started. The indignious Arabs ,which quite “surprisingly” discovered there nationality AFTER jews started building the Jewish homeland, had no problem with Otman/British/Jordanian/Egyptina occupation of Palestine…
    “Palestine was all pristine before the Jews came, now it is all dirty factories and rods”
    You may want to read from Mark Twain recollection of Palestine in the 19th century – you might learn something on your new identity and hertiage “”….. A desolate country whose soil is rich enough, but is given over wholly to weeds… a silent mournful expanse…. a desolation…. we never saw a human being on the whole route…. hardly a tree or shrub anywhere. Even the olive tree and the cactus, those fast friends of a worthless soil, had almost deserted the country.”
    Palestine the biggest lie ever told – But still you deserve a homeland and a state ,just be reasonable.

  30. LovetheLove says:

    Hmmm, that’s weird. I think babies are innocent…. and animals too. Even the trees.
    Euphue, you seem like a reasonable person about certain things and I definitely do respect you for it. But I just can’t agree with you on the Palestinians. I’m not saying they are perfect, believe me. Who is? I’m certainly not! But when it comes to atrocities, man they are made to suffer greatly by the Israeli soldiers. But again, I have nothing but love for the common Israeli person, and I would like to tell them that. In fact I wanna tell them to overthrow their government! Then I wanna go to England and tell those common people to overthrow THEIR government! Etc. I’m just an anti-authoritarian who believes in self-determination for ALL people. I’m one of those “hippie” types who just wants everyone to come together and SING! (no, not Kumba-ya LOL) I’ll be the first one to break out the bongos, dancing in the streets, tearing up the pavement and planting grass LOL! I just want peace for everyone, that’s all. This fighting has to end, on ALL sides.

  31. innocent was the wrong word, but I can’t really find a better term. And yes, most of the Germans killed in Dresden during the last stages of the war were “innocent” (even though they may have supported Hitler), killing them did not serve any military goal. So are the people of Nagasaki. So are most probably the people in that car. Spreading fear in you enemy’s population by killing non-military personnel (i.e. terrorizing) is not a valid military tactic, otherwise you’ll have to accept that 9/11 was justified.
    ok sorry for my spreading my philosophy.
    Kasem, how did you get out of there?

  32. The whole world but Israel agrees with you!

  33. To Cowrie: I am in the US.
    To Roseanne: We proposed to sit to the table and talk but the Israelis want to have some things off the table, things that are important to us like the right to return to Palestine.
    How can they expect us to have our own country without the land stolen, why can’t we claim back some land we had north of Jaffa? Just because they built a city there and called it Tel-Aviv?
    Imagine cheating someone off his home, making him homeless and then refusing him the right to return under the claim that there are thousands of new immigrants living there. This is ridiculous.
    And it is not only Tel Aviv, all the Kibbutzim were built on the most fertile land, they claim they dried up the swamps, but swamp land is the most fertile.
    They are so patronizing, they even tried to copy the American model: “Steal the land, put them in reserves and build a Casino to shut them up” this model did not work in Jerico for the Palestinians, because they are much wiser than the natives of America. We will not go for that sort of thing, We want our land back.
    All the European nations agree to that claim, they even allow all Jews to return, so it is not like they have no where to go. We on the other hand are not welcome in any Arab country so the only place for us is Palestine.
    Palestine was all pristine before the Jews came, now it is all dirty factories and rods, not to talk of the oppression.

  34. cowrie, please define the term: “innocent”. Were the Germans innocent? Was The us cavalry innocent? Are americans innocent in Iraq? (I am a kabbalist, and kabballah tells us that there is no such thing as “innocent” in this world.)
    What do you think?
    Kasem: have you thought of any solutions to this terrible problem? Can you please share them?
    euphie: does might make right?
    let’s discuss solutions! Are there any? Stepping out of the problem into a new paradigm is good—how can we talk to each other without defending what is?

  35. yes, but you do understand that celebrating the moments when you caused (by your account) serious injuries to innocent car drivers, while calling the Israeli forces response, who “tied our hands for almost two hours and have us sit on the ground before letting us go” brutality, plays to the hands of the zionist regime?
    btw, are you still in Palestine?

  36. Yes, read my other comments, I am a real person, born in Palestine.
    My family was dumped in a “development town” (Ayarat Pituach) and then expelled to Gaza.
    They were Iraqi Jews that the Zionist Ashkenazi regime forced to convert to Islam, because they are darker in skin color.

  37. ok, was that last comment for real?

  38. I remember the days they used to tie our hands and our eyes after each time we threw rocks on the Jerusalem highway.
    I wont be surprised if my picture is also out there on some facebook page of an ex Israeli soldier, but how would I know, my eyes were tied.
    Here is a real story: We were gathering for our usual Friday rock throwing to protest the 433 road going next to our village. Usually the Zionists don’t bother and just stop the traffic, but this time one of the rocks successfully hit the windshield right in the drivers site and he crashed the car into a concrete bridge.
    You should see the brutality of the Zionist “Mishmar Hagvul” (border patrol), they tied our hands for almost two hours and have us sit on the ground before letting us go. Well, at least in this case, our efforts showed results and were worthwhile; two of the car riders left on stretchers, they won’t take this road again.

  39. LoveTheLove
    I appreciate your words and you might be surprised that i agree with spirit of your words and intention, But please allow me to clarify and comment on some of the points you raised:
    I don’t object to idea of disucssion any discussion on any subject ,but i would like discussions to be conducted in a balanced in context sorrounding, I mean we can bring examples of terrible events taking place any second almost anywhere on this planet of ours ,but if take thos incidents magnify them million folds generalise grossly and reached extreme conclusions it voids out almost every discussion.
    I don’t “worship” this government ,i didn’t vote for them i don’t respect their abilities and capabilites to lead and i object to most of there policies ,i think the leadership crisis in ISraeli politics is very dangerous and we are turning a blind eye on deterioting condition of our society. All that is not connected to the venomous propoganda hurdled towards the Israeli Society ,The Israeli State ,The Israeli people ,it has nothing to do with objecting to a government and you can read it quite easlly it is in plain sight ,Lies hate disgust of anything which is ISraeli.
    As to Palestinians condition, it is our instinct to identify with the weaker side ,we are almost conditioned to sympetize with the Poor the Hungry the suffering..But some times just some time the weak side is the wrong side ,so all i expect is some fair review of the situation based on Facts ,History and integrity.
    BTW Palestinians have done horrible things to innocent Israeli long before this government was erected ,even before ISrael was established. Don’t give them a Carte Blanch when it comes to their behviour . In a sense and in reality they had done more horrible things to themselves.
    Take Care

  40. Eupheu, I appreciate the fact that you’re able to see this young woman as an idiot. I mean, the cold arrogance in her eyes is eery. I have a Jewish cousin who reminds me very much of her. Her SISTER, who of course is also Jewish, is the complete opposite and thinks very much like Roseanne.
    But the fact that you think this issue doesn’t justify a discussion goes to show what you think of free speech and free expression and free thought. EVERYTHING is worthy of discussion, even if it’s not that big a deal. See? We’re are *sentient* beings with consciousness, therefore we have the natural yearning to discuss things, no matter what our opinions on them might be.
    Also, don’t you find it hypocritical to talk about racism after what happens to Palestinian children by the government you worship? You keep saying things like “witchhunt on Israel”. It’s not on the Israeli people! It’s on the government. The problem is the government there, like governments everywhere. I wish Roseanne would stress that a little bit more. It’s not about one country versus another. It’s about average people versus tyrannical oligarchs. In Israel. In American. In Russia. In Italy. In England. In Pakistan. Everywhere. The common people of the world have to unite against tyranny everywhere. This isn’t about Israel. The reason you’re picking on Roseanne is because she doesn’t talk about anything else. But she IS right about the Israeli government doing atrocities against innocent people. Do Palestinians do horrible things to innocent Israelis? Yes…because they have been driven out of their minds by….FASCISM.

  41. That reply was for occulus.
    I could only stand a few of those pics.

  42. OMG iickkk!!!

  43. Israeli soldiers’ ‘trophy’ pictures (slideshow) (The Guardian)

  44. This photo seems hardly as mocking as the Abu ghraib photos.

  45. Like any topic on this blog ,everything is blown out of proportion ,Was ths Soldier wrong in taking the pictures? YES ,is she and Idiot? probably YES ? Should guidelines be refreshed and enforced? YES. Does it justify the headline or even a discussion? hell NO.
    To pick on individuals mistakes and wrong doing and project on a total community or population is borderline racist, there is no other interpretation. You can’t take the actions of a moronic Juvenile soldier as the basis for broader conclusions. This pin picking ,Straw grasping is pathetic. This is double standard ,hypocritic and completly not serious. It is sad that their is an open season witch hunt on Israel.

  46. disgusting. I hope that her commanding officers will be prosecuted and that such an incident will be learned and never happen again.

  47. Grrrr…you beat me to it Roseanne!

  48. Habitual Offender says:
  49. Habitual Offender says:

    When I saw that pic, I knew you’d post it on here..