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Israeli citizen killing american blacks

Another nutcase Palestinian Israeli:  It’s kind of comforting to know that non zionist israelis are as crazy as zionist israelis!


  1. sssssssssss

  2. Roseanne –
    By the way your show until the last few years is still one of my favorites maybe 2nd or 3rd to All in the Family. It stands the test of time.
    As far as Israel – all Israelis – except Netuei Karta nuts – are zionists. because they don’t want to NOT exist.
    You love to make ignorant statements regarding the situation – which is your right – but you don’t offer anything intelligent instead. So if we’re throwing out stupid firebombs just for the sake of doing it… I’ve got a few ideas then –
    1) All the Jews leave Israel and “return” it to the Arab world… we’ll put them all on ships and see which country/ies will volunteer to take them most of whom are descendants of Jews from Europe, Africa and Middle Eastern countries which didn’t want them when they left.
    If we can’t find a place for them we’ll stuff them on Malta… Then we’ll hole a big rally in Palestine and you and Tony Blair’s sister, Javier Solana, the Greeks etc… can all celebrate in bask in the glow of “returning” Palestine to the Arab world and have a big party….
    2) Since I’m a “””zionist””” whatever that word now means, and although I question man’s g-d, I say the Muslims and Jews pray to their g-d to come down and lift up the portion that will remain Israel and make it an island in the Mediterranean, then leave the Palestinians to their own devices in “Palestine” with the Arab world which will then control it much the same way it has tried to control/rape Lebanon the last 100 years…
    If peace and prosperity break out you and Tony Blair’s sisters should be regaled with Nobel Peace Prizes for your wise thoughtful commentary and analyses as well as her embracing of Hams and Hezbollah’s “peaceful” intentions….
    If it becomes a disaster, extremists all over the Arab/Muslim world are just as agitated, if anti-semitism is still rampant throughout the Arab world and mass murder and mayhem and corruption/poverty ensue throughout then the 2 of your with javier solana share a jail cell on a remote island for 10 years….
    I’ll take you up on that offer any day of the week….
    By the way I still love your show – so funny and not nauseating or patronizing like most shows of its time…
    Regards –

  3. Calmer Than You, Dude says:

    He was raised by a single mother, so he never stood much of a chance

  4. Another proud Arab fed up with American liberalism.
    I bet he was mentally molested by the American culture, usually called culture shock.
    America should be more welcoming to Arab immigrants and respect their background. Seeing advertisements with half naked women on them can drive a guy nuts…

  5. Hi Roseanne are you opening a thread each time an American/European/African Serial killer is found? why as it important for you to bring this up – does it have any significance other then slandering Israel?
    But even on this subject you have managed to get the facts mixedup:
    1. The Suspect is an AMERICAN ,former ISraeli ,but yet AMERICAN – who knows what American culture led him to do.
    2. This FORMER ISraeli ,is Christian Palestinian Arab Israeli – out of this chain of Identities Israeli is the least meaningful.
    3. Shocking Truth – Even Israeli Jews Kosher Jews might be serial killers ,no one is perfect, Why do you feel it deserves an highlighted Title if not to take another swing at ISrael’s Image. Israel has amongst itself Rapists, Thieves ,Murderers ,Pedophiles the whole Bonananza – it is just as sane or insane as anyother democratic community – no need to celebrate those findings.

  6. the new and improved sirhan, programmed for the new needs and targets ?
    I suppose he ate to0 many bad falafels, i always said the oil should be changed more frequently.

  7. Indeed.
    I guess your choice of title gave me a little discomfort. I would have had the same discomfort if I read (somewhere else) that “Arab kills Americans, again” or “Yet another immigrant is a serial killer”.
    Anyway, who’s not a nutcase in this world? Is there any group of people that can be considered sane?

  8. ps–truth is not considered slander.

  9. Thank you for letting me know that he is Palestinian and Israeli, so I guess that makes him–what? A crazy non zionist Israeli?

  10. ah, but an Arab Israeli (a Palestinian). Elias Abuelazam.
    In other news, a nutcase comedian is slandering Israel in a way she can.