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Israel is going to attack Iran soon

Calling it a surgical strike against their nuclear facilities.  Armageddon unleashed.


  1. Strange that I’m hearing this prediction everywhere at the same time… almost as if it’s a marketing campaign for a new film release. Are PR firms controlling the news now? Perhaps they always have been?

  2. Still counting…
    Will never happen because Israel will not attack.
    It just makes sense that the US will be the one attacking.
    Where do you think all the troops from Iraq are going? hint: not to feed the “job wanted” signs at McDonalds. Obama does not need more unemployment.
    Plus, Why have battle ships and carriers moved recently to the gulf?
    Plus, did anyone see “Wag the dog”? if I am not mistaken, a president will start war in order to make it through the next elections if pols are down.

  3. Roseanne, I think You’re correct! Armageddon is going to be unleashed in 1 fashion or another….unless humans begin to ‘have a different conversation’ .. Marianne W.
    Oh Shit! ~~ Spirit, wake us up quickly. ~~

  4. “U.S. Arms “Bonanza” in Middle East: Israel and Saudis to Buy Advanced War Planes”