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I have said everything I am going to say on Israel-

  Seventeen years ago, Shimon Peres wrote: “The Gaza port has a very great potential for growth. The goods and cargos that will be handled there and will leave its gates on the way to Israeli, Palestinian, Jordanian, Saudi and even Iraqi recipients, will illustrate the economic revolution that will come to the entire region.”  Moving on now—


  1. Hi Roseanne,
    I hope you are doing great, and i wanted to congratulate you for being such a strong and honest woman. I have looked up to you since i got hooked on your show when i was like 12. And since high school it has been like a ritual or habit to watch your show every night, on TV reruns or DVD. Through your show, i learned that even though life may not be picture perfect, we can be happy by staying true to ourselves and standing up for what is right. And that family is one of the most important things we will have in our lifetime. As i have learned more about you. i am so happy to learn how similar you are to Roseanne Conner. I may sound like i watched too much TV but Dan and Roseanne were and are like my parents. Stay strong and keep up the amazing work that you do!
    thanks for the laughs, thanks for giving the world ROSEANNE!
    an eternal fan
    Javier Chavez

    Declassified documents PROVES Israel manipulates the US and it’s media

  3. does this mean for now or from now on? you are the voice for those that are otherwise silenced. perez is no rabin.