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i deleted a post by someone who wrote about

father hubert shiffer—who supposedly survived the hiroshima blast.  The post tried to say something good, but it made me feel really sad.  For someone to say that Father Hubert Shiffer survived while hundreds of thousands didn’t, because they had the wrong god and he had the “right” one, is so unspeakable to me, that I have decided not to let it sit here. 


  1. this right here is why i quit going to my parents church.
    for the sake of this conversation, let’s say that every religion except… let’s say Catholicism is wrong. all others will give you a one-way ticket to hell.
    example one: rapist is sent to prison. finds religion while there and “gives his life to God”. gets out of prison, rapes again. not a good guy. he is blessed by God.
    example two: Buddhist monk dedicates his whole life to God. lives loving others and seeing the world for what it is. lives a life without (as close as a human can get anyway..) sin. God hates him because he doesn’t choose Catholicism.

  2. if you can not give the name that is fine, i just wanted to know if it was on here or the old forum?.

  3. yea good job roseanne. can you give the person,s name?.

  4. LovetheLove says:

    This is the kind of unthinking bigotry that’s responsible for the slaughter of countless innocent people since the Roman Empire. Although I’m not one for censorship, when it comes to hatred, I call it “sanitation”. Good on you Roseanne.