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I care nothing for Sharia Law, Christian Law or Judaic Law-

They are all evil woman hating bullshit designed to prop up male sociopathic idiots and sadistic warmongerers who’s tiny little puds are flaccidly flapping in fear of any and all notions of female freedom. 


  1. hugs
    I was raised catholic, too, back in the bad old days of the 50s.
    and now, 50 years later, I find out my mom was jewish. Imagine my surprise.
    yes, those men are monsters. I think the cruelest thing any child can ever learn is the concept of original sin.
    no child is born with sin. all children are beautiful, and born divine. all children should be taught this from day one.
    I remember asking a priest once why I couldnt be a Pope.
    He basically informed me that girls were not divinely inspired by god.
    That was the beginning of the end of that religion for me, and I was only 6!
    sending hugs from this grandma

  2. Ladyjane Green says:

    My uncle was a priest in the Boston Area in the 70s and 80s when all that pedo rape was going down. He brought his priest friends to our house, where they had contact with me, my brothers, and all the neighborhood kids. We trusted them. They were preists. Looking back on it now, maybe this was when i learned the behavior of “allowing” people in authority to sexually abuse me. Try fighting back when you are 8. Who the fuck do you talk to then.I was lucky not to be a boy. My brothers not so lucky. They got molested when they were altar boys, by the other preists at the town catholic church. The Cardinal in charge back then (Bernard Law) didnt give a shit, and these A-holy preists were drunk most of the time getting all the underage sex they could. Now Cardinal Bernard Law is at the vatican living it up at the ultimate pedophile resort, all expenses paid for, while the thousands of victims of these rogue molesters are trying to get over serious sexual trauma. Maybe those priests helped me become the deviant queer i am today. Religion hurts, im glad i lost mine.

  3. Roseanne I am sure you and I are on the same page when it come to the Catholic Church. Let me tell you a disgusting and glaring example of the Church’s hypocrisy. I haven’t been to church in many many years but I begrudgingly went on Sunday for my nephew’s Baptism/joining of the cult. They were asked to pray that the Church receives a new roof, they were asked to pray for the Pope, and then finally for the priests who were “innocent” of the molestation charges being brought against them. I coulnd’t believe it — NOT ONE PRAYER said for the poor, for the working poor, or even VICTIMS of child molestation. FUCK YOU Pope and Priests. Shove your prayers up your asses you Kiddy Fucking Nasty Asses. I want them to crumble.