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great guy fighting Monsanto (the devil):



  1. sick of dinkum says:

    Yeah we hate Monsanto to the bone , they supplied lots of the chemicals that were used in the American war ( the war on the people of Vietnam ) which was a successful war for all the corporations that made a killing er sorry profit on that one . Vietnam is the template for all modern wars all the dubious propaganda and warfare experiments have been replicated since. Now Monsanto want to own the food supply of the world ; the evil scientists of marvel comics look compassionate in comparison . Just changing the subject but here in Australia we’ve just had a coup with a conservative government on the verge of power. Anyways we love your kcaa show and cherish our Roseanne dvd’s (the only tv show ever that was able to portray children sanely , and not revert to them as disneylike inane ventriloquist dolls). And we’re sick of the CIA determining our drug policy direction.

  2. Yay !