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glenn beck and palin are sort of smart:

they got 80,00-200,000 parents and families of soldiers to come to their rally.  They are pretty much all drawing government checks while condemning big government.  


  1. They make me sick. Glenn Beck is a moron. He contradicts himself…he is a hypocrite. I’d like to spit on him.

  2. De Nada… :)

  3. thanks for the heads up…:)

  4. Have you ever seen the episode of PBS’s Frontline entitled “The Persuaders”? It’s good clean fun, and can be found in it’s entirety on the show’s website.
    Oh BTW, there’s a related episode called “The Merchants Of Cool.”

  5. John McCain was born on the government payroll, and he’s never been off of it his whole life.

  6. there are a lot of us out here who have kids in the service who are antiwar, but when we march, we arent covered by the media.
    yes, the beck/teaparty rallies are well funded by the Koch brothers, and are a circus , merely a front, astroturf, bussing in disgruntled people by the thousands who dont know any better, have to blame someone, think in black and white, see no grey areas, easily led (1932 germany, anyone?) and the mainstream media gives them airtime…
    when I marched with over 400,000 people against the wars…no coverage.
    makes one wonder whose side the media is on, but, then, I already know they are megacorporations .