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Evangelicals are the Anti-Christs:


  1. BTW,
    I love your forum, but since it doesn’t allow me to start an original thread, I can usually be found at myspace, facebook twitter and the tweetdeck as ritchiepage2001
    Rock on,
    John :)

  2. Rosie,
    Which Russian Church? There are two…

  3. john–my boyfriend johnny was raised serbian orthodox and russian orthodox so he probably knows something about your sect–i will mention it to him (though he is agnostic now)…

  4. I hope I don’t sound like i’m evangelizing, because I’m not, as Orthodox Christians DO NOT evangelize.
    Also, I have a problem with certain teachings on the part of some Orthodox sects, including my own.
    If I spoke the language better, I’d probably be an Ethiopian Orthodox, rather than an Antiochian.

  5. Well Rosie,
    I’m an Antiochian Orthodox Christian.
    As for fitness regarding the Revelation to Saint John, that’s a matter for introspection, though the council of one’s priest my be helpful.
    The fact that some people can’t handle the contents of John’s Apocalypse (a term that didn’t originally carry such negative connotations) is self-evident.
    Just look at “Christian” “pastors” like John Haggi, and the way they keep their flocks whipped up in some sort of paranoid anxiety.
    Or the way such sects manifest an apocalyptic world view in their destructive politics and behavior.
    That’s why, though scriptural study is encouraged, we don’t encourage the reading of John’s Apocalypse to newbies, but it is not forbidden, nor are Bibles truncated in any way.
    Also, you will never hear an Orthodox priest or cantor preach or read from revelations.
    And as for the Messianic Age, Orthodox Christians are neither pre-millenialists, nor post-millenialists, rather we are pan-millenialists. In other words, we don’t pretend to know, but we believe it will all pan out in the end.
    Which brings up another point: the apocalyptic brands of Christianity have thrived mostly in North America, because of it’s freedom of religion. While I’m all for it (like most Othodox), it does mean that anyone can buy a gross of NIV (nearly infallible version/new and improved version) Bibles, rent a space in a strip mall and start a religion.
    While this phenomenon has produce great spiritual leaders (Martin Luther King, Jimmy Carter, etc…), It has produced some serious head cases like Charles Manson, Jim Jones and David Koresh (sp?).
    I guess this is the long way of saying, that in the wrong head, John’s Revelation can be dangerous stuff.

  6. and al lat was originally the Old Grandmother of the temple at Mecca, where 9 priestesses circled the temple of the Black Stone.
    Al Lat was a Mesopotamian goddess, but she got booted and renamed.
    I like to bring that up to people in polite conversation just to watch their eyes glaze over.

  7. to john–did you know that Jesus mother Miriam was the last priestess in the Jewish temple?

  8. what sect is it you belong to? How do you define a spiritually weak or crazy person?

  9. Well, the sect I belong to still uses the complete canon (as opposed to the truncated versions used in the west) in it’s original languages, though we discourage most people from reading The Revelation to St John, because it makes intellectually and spiritually weak people crazy, which is probably why it’s the most read book amongst the fundigelicals… :)

  10. I call them Leviticans, or Paulists. They pick and choose certain passages from their religious texts and use them to project their own inner anger . Many of them have never even read their religious texts, they get their talking points from their preachers.
    The bible is pretty steamy , if you can read the whole damned thing without falling asleep.
    Not many people know that the ‘jesus’ symbol of the resurrected man is found in many many many other mythologies, and was originally a fertility god.
    The concepts of the golden rule, loving your neighbour as you love yourself, etc, abound in all theological texts also
    I would love to read a history of Judaism before the people embraced patriarchy monotheism. How many goddesses and gods did they adhere to?
    My ancestors came from Afghanistan and Hungary and were Ashkenazi..what the hell were they back then?
    Inquiring minds.
    Every fundamentalist in any of the big 3 Monotheistic mindsets is causing havoc as they fight each other now, using their misinterpreted rehashed texts
    and, as Carlin put it, waving their dicks at each other.
    I find it ludicrous that their religions are based on who has the biggest shlong.
    But if you study linguistics, look up the word Testify…back in the day when someone swore an oath, they grabbed their testicles. I guess they thought they were magic.
    Unfortunately they still do.

  11. Well, there’s a long and sordid history of the wealthy elites co-opting the socialist Jesus (actually, his name translates as Joshuah in English), but what a lot of folks also seem to miss, is that the early church was a network of kibbutzim/moshavim, some with women in leadership roles.

  12. HeidiElizabeth says:

    Agreed….I think of all of those little bracelets saying W.W.J.D….I wonder what socialist activist Jesus would do….I am fairly certain he would be deeply saddened and angry….Would the Evangelical community of today even know the spiritual leader that they proclaim to follow….Highly unlikely….