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I couldn’t be more thrilled that Para Sailin’ is going down like a turtle caught in an oil slick that (her hubby’s company) BP caused.   She loves groveling at those Christian men’s feet, too.  “Look at me, daddy, I’m a good girl.  I would never have an abortion, because God is a man just like you are and we women must do as men tell us to do, especially since men talk for God almighty, as ONLY men can do.  Tee Hee!  I’m a brainless twat for God and British Petroleum.  The only threat I pose is to those whom big christian daddy doesn’t like–negroes and uppity women who think they can abort their down syndrome babies, and their teenage daughter’s unwanted pregnancies.  I’m a feminist.”  (suck dick suck dick suck dick).  “Israel needs to bomb Iran too, right big daddy?”  (suck dick suck dick suck dick).  “Bill O’Reilly wants to use a loofah on me, he likes me, and so does Rupert Murdoch, and that deviant Glenn Beck.  I got it made now!  If only Reagan would re-incarnate then I could blow him too, and God would love me even more!”  (suck suck suck suck suck) YOU BETCHA!


  1. Roseann, Youv’e been around too many sailors!! I love you!! It must be nice to voice your opinion and still have a job. Speaking of jobs!! Had any lately. Get it! Get it! haha!
    I want to come and visit you just for fun. You see I have been crapmed here in AZ for too long. I may get fired soon too. I’m a DAV (Disabled American Veteran, for those who don’t know), and I now have nothing to do.
    P.S. I have to tell you this. My eldest sister, Glenda, is your look-alike. I mean to the tee. She however, passed away a few years ago.

  2. After viewing recent photos of my daughter in Alaska on Facebook, i’m thinking about running up there and beating her ass! On a lighter note, do you think having a boob job would increase my chance of winning an election? Wait, shit, seriously, what are the odds of me ever winning an election in Alaska if i refused to suck dick?

  3. I’m want Levi for mayor of Wasilla; I don’t think he’s going to ban any books!!!!!

  4. Sarah Palin gives hillbillies a BAD name!

  5. Ladyjane Green says:

    RE:Palin I thought Whore of Babylon was the best title you have given to this “daddys little girl of the patriarchy.” Unfortunately, dimwitted, servile, flirty, superficial, beauty queen types are whats on the men-u. With an unhealthy dose of pseudo political grandstanding thrown in. Hilary is more qualified for the prez job(includes corruption and thirst for power in job description,) than any one else in the field, but we know this means little to the average american voter. We are just gonna hear more asshole media commentary about her looks, clothes, and what a “bitch” she is. Talk about depressing, could women and their media image be any more f—ed up than now? today in 2010 the ideal of beauty perpetuated in pop culture is even more extreme and unobtainable than ever b fore. Now it seems as if extreme plastic surgery is truly a requirement to “Make it” Id go as far as to say that it has become a rite of passage. EEE boobs on a size 0 frame, now put her on her 6″ f-me pumps, and you have todays real life Barbie doll. Physical “perfection”, more than ever is the quest, and the ideals of beauty have been twisted beyond recognition. I thought the 80s were bad. I know cosmetic surgery is a reality in Hollywood, where womyn have always been judged on a double standard. Its just shocking to see these young girls getting multiple(10!) procedures that are rendering them into aryan fembots ,a la Heidi Montag. Where is the morality that should stop these surgeons from taking advantage of peoples gulllibility. And desparate weakness. Sorry bout the rant, but womyns appearance/image always seems to come to mind when i watch Palin dick teasing the media.

  6. Lol Roseanne but u r talkn like a dude.
    very patriarical feeding it at leastt

  7. tina, you should run for something up there in alaska yourself!

  8. timothy i am old and over sex totally. You are a man so it’s not the same. You can stick your thing anywhere, or fling it around like a rope, but do not make the huge mistake of thinking that has anything to do with me or being an old lady…you do know that there is a difference between boys and girls, dont you? lol

  9. I know hillary is a power mad freak and corrupt as the day is long, but–she remains the only politician in america who listens to women, so she is two percent less sickening than her husband and all the rest of them.

  10. Sarah how sad :-(

  11. They are all nothing but whores who listen to every word a man says, but whats worse is that she actually thinks shes smart. After reading Trans-formation i will never look at Hilary Clinton the same way, disgusting bitch. They will all have to answer to themselves and the higher power one day

  12. roseanne u give sex a bad name… alot!!
    2nd chakra we knowww.
    it aint all bad!!!
    Not sure why people correlate sex so deragotory sometimes.
    i doubt palins any good at givn headd

  13. LOL too funny.
    Did u see the newsweek cover
    stating Hilary is Obamas bad cop?
    which is exactly what i said!
    But i got calld a woman hater for it.

  14. You see now you’r talking Sense :) Palin is a total Farce.

  15. Laughing my butt off!! So true..