Dear Roseanne,
Loved your pitch to run for president!
We’d love for you to join us on August 31st for an important cause, helping to end youth violence. Read below.
I’m a huge fan and so glad you are working for a better world. What a great use of your talents.
Matthew Albracht
Executive Director, The Peace Alliance

DoPeace! at:
A Benefit Reception in support of
The Peace Alliance &
Student Peace Alliance
Host Committee
Casey Affleck, Jason Bateman, Kathy Eldon, Flea, Maggie Gyllenhaal
Anthony Kiedis, Eva Mendes, Joaquin Phoenix, Liv Tyler, Rain Phoenix
Featuring Special Guest
Sheriff Leroy Baca
Sheriff, L.A. County
“The Youth PROMISE Act is perhaps… from a criminal justice reform perspective… the most significant legislative act that this Congress will ever have considered in the history of the Congress.”
Tuesday Evening, August 31st
7:30 to 10:30
Sunset Tower Hotel, West Hollywood
Live performance by
Rain Phoenix
R.S.V.P. at:
or call 202.643.8451
Help spread the word!
The Youth PROMISE Act (Prison Reduction through Opportunities, Mentoring, Intervention, Support, and Education) is groundbreaking, bipartisan legislation currently before the U.S. House and Senate that will make unprecedented investments in proven strategies to prevent youth violence. While this is a national referendum, this bill has the potential to dramatically affect violence in our own neighborhoods of LA where we face an epidemic of violence among our youth. Across our nation, the challenges reach from inner city gangs to suburban bullies, and spill into our streets, schools, homes and culture.
There is hope. The Youth PROMISE Act will save lives, reduce crime and save money by empowering local communities to shape and oversee evidence-based strategies that engage and divert at-risk youth proactively, before they slip through the cracks of the criminal justice system. This is the first act of its kind to focus exclusively on prevention. Learn more at
The Youth PROMISE Act already has tremendous momentum, with the support of a majority of the Member of the U.S. House of Representatives and is gaining steam in the U.S. Senate. Help us give Congress an extra push to pass this transformative legislation. We have a real opportunity to help end the cycle of hopelessness and despair that is the daily reality for far too many of our youth. Join us!


  1. I’ve been a fan of yours since you came out on Johnny Carson…recently, with your new show and big mouthed political opinions….I only love you more. I pray for your guidance. I have been doing a radio show for over a year on public broadcasting voicing my opinion about cannabis laws, Monsanto, the NWO, the lies of the AMA, aliens, UFO’s, animal cruelty….you name it. I’ve managed to alienate myself from the pathetic, apathetic hippy wannabees and can’t help but be hurt sometimes. It’s annoying because as you know, many things we say regarding our opinions are not meant to hurt anyone but meant to be honest and funny. Dear Roseanne….how do you do it? With fame comes many things. One of which is peoples dreadful hate directed at you. I remember when you sang the SSB and LOVED IT! I felt for you when you were treated like an asshole. I knew THEN you meant no harm. People take shit too serious. But the fact that you went on your show, used it as a platform to apologize and redeem yourself shows how humble, gifted and truly wise you are. Every week I watch your show and wish I had a mother like you, a sister, a lover a friend. You are so incredible. You speak your mind, the truth and all with obvious LOVE. So thank you so much for gracing this world with your bright beautiful bold obnoxious honest SOUL. You fucking rock and I love you.

  2. jesus christ- do you have any idea of what your government is doing to you??? wake the fuck up!

  3. I’m also a member! Thank you for any help you are able to give!

  4. Dear Roseanne:
    As a member of the BOYCOTT FOR JUSTICE FB group, would like to offer our thanks and gratitude for your insightful blog commentaries and provocative tweets on the Casey Anthony case.
    What in tarnation is the BOYCOTT FOR JUSTICE group you may ask? It’s part of a grassroots movement that popped up like Aphrodite rising from the sea after the unbelievable verdict emerged from a jury that you rightly say “rushed to judgment” without even taking a second look at the evidence. We come from all backgrounds, religions, age groups and ethnicities. Since we can’t undo the verdict which through the machinations of an unscrupulous lawyer, loosed a murderess upon society, we have channeled our energies into what we believe is a positive cause: to oppose her family and friends and the Baezite defense team from using the deceased child as an ATM machine through TV, books and other media deals. We have directed our energies at the network giants and most importantly at the sponsors of any program featuring the family from hell or its advocates. Although at times we feel like mosquitoes zapping an elephant, there have been modest successes with Betty Crocker and Bayer aspirin companies saying that they won’t sponsor the Dr. Phil “tell-all” with Granmaw and Granpaw Anthony scheduled for September 12. Supposedly that appearance is unpaid except for a half-million donation to the Anthony foundation, a cause for concern because it’s a matter of record that the family skimmed off 80% of the proceeds of their previous “non-profit” foundations. Maybe this Fund will be used for finding the “real” killer of baby Caylee?
    Knowing full well that you prefer to de-tox from the Anthony family saga, we ask that you consider visiting the subject in your inimitable way now and again in tweets and blogs as well as taking a look at the hundreds upon hundreds of FB sites with a combined membership of over a million people allied against the continued racketeering and unsavory profiteering of the Anthony clan and its groupies. Take a look at our FB group page as well: BOYCOTT FOR JUSTICE. Some of the FB sites have become a bit vigilante in their tactics and that’s understandable knowing that many are novices to the game of fighting BIG media and BIG publishing. However, our group of dedicated activists decided to take the high road. Although our original group had more than 2000 members, we pared down the number excluding those with axes to grind or those who just wanted to agonize and antagonize or who were convinced that the federal government could step in and overturn the verdict which as Gershwin wrote: Ain’t Necessarily So.
    We also want to direct our energies at getting laws passed to protect the children of this land and punish the offenders starting with Caylee’s Law, the only positive thing to issue from this traumatic tragedy. And also make our wishes known to both giant and midget publishing companies to refrain from paying the principals in this case who want to make big bucks from their flawed memoirs about a dead child who didn’t stand a chance.
    Since you have referred to the mother-daughter relationship in your blog, thought you might be interested in this analysis of the nightmarish relationship between the two madres in this case. Perhaps you can use it for a blog?
    Hoping to perhaps hear from you either directly or through a tweet or blog, it’s sign-off time for now.
    Best wishes.
    Marie Ciliberti for the BOYCOTT FOR JUSTICE group

  5. dear roseanne
    I was told quite often as a young woman that I painted ‘like a man’.
    I find it amusing now. If you ever visit DC, there is a magnificent gallery of women’s paintings from the think of all the art history I studied and nary a peep about these women
    The studies of archeoanthropologist Maritas Gimbutas, her research and extensive work unearthing the Goddesses of Neolithic Europe..what a pleasure for me to discover over the years

  6. Ladyjane Green says:

    Yer tatoo stuff is beyond words. Me and my girlfriends are needin some new ink!
    We looked at your site, and are wicked impressed! If you really fly out to Hawaii to tattoo tha Matriot someday, lets hook up! We could have a bitchin tattoo party. I know of a great location on the red road near Kehena beach….. Straight White Men are in the Minority Here! Aloha from Puna District, Big Island Hawaii.

  7. Ladyjane Green says:

    Your words as a working woman, and a lezbeen rang true as a m.f. bell. This morning I was reminiscing about the forms of degrading sexual harassment i had to endure while working and living in Boston in the 80s, in my teens and early 20s. Put it this way, it only stopped when i moved my gay ass to S.F. I finaly read yr entry today, and it made me have to respond. When i was a machine operator in the late 80s, me and my girlfriend were working in the same metal shop, (she had got me the job, i was 18 and desparate).
    Those homophobic fux couldnt leave us alone,physically and mentally. Eventually she was fired, and my boss became my”boyfriend/dealer”…Then his boss would get me alone, and I was truly fuct,patriarchy style. Couldnt tell my boyfriend, cuz i had no voice left(addicted). He wouldnt have believed me any way, cuz tha white men all side wit each other. The fact that i was gay and then” fixed over “to straight was a source of much pride to them,as I recall. Being all of 20, i guess i thought i deserved it for being queer 2 begin with. Kathlick gilt much?
    Being your own boss is the solution, or moving to a remote island in the middle of the ocean, where you can then try to be your own boss. ps love your moniker

  8. Coffin Queen says:

    I would be honored to sometime

  9. coffin queen–your roses are amazing–i have roses everywhere–maybe you will have to fly out and do a rose for me!

  10. Coffin Queen says:

    Those boots are Amazing!!very powerful, very frickin beautiful!!Im not sure how to get a pic to you, I will try to post one here, or you could just go to my site to see my work, but I mostly have to do what people request, they are however the ones wearing it, but of course they have that feminine touch..

  11. DJ Tenn. nYc says:

    Roseanne , I almost made Kyle another one of his fave sandwiches without the bread in my pants when I read your reply to him .
    You SO rule.
    Coffin Queen, I think starting your own shop would be the best revenge. NEVER give up on your dreams.
    It made me feel so good to know you reached out to her and to me as well Roseanne.

  12. yes, the indignities of being female under patriarchy are really dwarfed when you are a feminist artist under patriarchy, aren’t they? This is what I have learned :no one can stop you getting better and better…you have the power to do that no matter what–withdraw from their world and put the energy into making your world bigger and better–what kind of tattoos do you draw? send me a picture…search my goddess boots here…i designed them myself and love goddess tattoos–thats what they look like– i will post them

  13. Coffin Queen says:

    I just have to say that I have always loved you as a comedian and I love you more now as activist, feminist or whatever label you will be given by someone..Love you just as a smart outspoken woman…You remind me of my grandmother, who was smart, beautiful and never took shit from anyone..She was my Hero and still is, but you have made it to my personal list of inspiration people, that have an influence on me to be a better human…As a Woman that grew up with a Hispanic father, he of course culturally thought women were still property and only in this world to cook, clean and bear children..Thank God for my Grandma on my mother’s side that was single independent and strong.
    I have decided at this time in my life to attempt to go out on my own and try to start my own business. I have been tattooing for 17 yrs in an all white, straight male dominated industry, where only recently thanks to shows like LA Ink have women been getting recognition for actually binge good artists..I had to put up with daily teases like having my underwear yoinked up into wedgy while I was tattooing, pens, pennies and anything else dropped in the back of my pants while I work…Along with numerous ass slaps..etc…I also had to put up with conversations between these straight males on how to get away with being accused of Rape, how to Beat your Ex wife, and how to be sure to give a girl a yeast infection , as well as them continuously asking to have sex with my girlfriend and degrading our relationship, non stop lesbian comments and jokes as if my sexuality was all that defines me as a person.. On top of non stop racial jokes and comments specifically derived towards hispanics in order to try to piss me off.. I told the owner of my studio, who thought I was being overly sensitive…because us “girls sometimes are”…lol..Anyways…I just wanted to thank you for speaking your mind, and giving me inspiration to create a new environment for myself and other female artists..Some day when I somehow come up with the funds to do this I would like to honor you in some way there..Have you be a permanent fixture with your manifesto in print or something…I’ll keep fighting to make a better world at least one step step at a time..I have the triple punch against me, being a woman, a Hispanic and lesbian..straight white men HATE me from the get go…I wont stop…You are truly the fire in my soul I needed..I cant thank you enough for just being you..
    Thank you

  14. kyle, I also made your fave sandwich for you–a big shit sandwich without the bread.

  15. Dear Kyle: You are in roseanneworld right now, which you sought out and registered for, so that you could write “Thank god I don’t live in your world.” But you do live in my world Kyle, so go fuck yourself. thanks!

  16. Your world is a scary one Ms Barr. Thank god I live in the real one.

  17. DJ Tenn. nYc says:

    Oh Dear God I love you woman.

  18. It’s always like that–these people do not know any black or latino or native american people. I always bring that up and refuse so many things like this for that reason–libs have no shame whatsoever. They are always rushing to save people as long as they do not have to interact with them, but–at least they try to do something useful, unlike the rapeublicans. I like your analogy about the bob fosse tribute on the bnai brith telethon-lol! Under Roseannarchy, no white liberals are in charge of anything, and will be required to do all the grunt work or be beheaded in the guillotine.

  19. DJ Tenn. nYc says:

    you are so lucky to have left this foolish patriarchal mainland Roseanne.
    this sounds like a bunch of spies to me..
    I find it very interesting that this cast of characters does not include not even ONE Black or Latino celebrity. .. kind of
    shocking when these 2 groups of Americans compose 50% of the prison / gang population.
    Oy… and inviting the Sheriff of L.A. county to a peace rally for the youth is like asking Hitler to perform a Bob Fosse tribute on the B’nai Brith Telethon ..
    Rain Phoenix hawking her album ..shut up.
    anyone reading this find a youth advocacy group in South Central or Watts and instead donate $250 to them and forget these limousine liberals.
    God, out of touch doesnt even begin to cut it.. come kick that shit in Harlem….. thats what I thought.. the kids here are burning the churches now..
    God & Goddess Mother Earth help the youth of this nation

  20. sorry- i have left the mainland now, but good luck!