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congrats rosie and oprah!

I did the exact show you two are describing in 1998-2000.  It was a spiritual and political talk show!  Feel free to copy any and all of it!  It was a good idea, and I have written about it in my new book, coming out in Jan…”Roseanarchy: Dispatches from the Nutfarm.”


  1. I miss you on television, Roseanne.

  2. How about Roseanne & Marianne Williamson together on NBC, CBS or ABC?? Now that would get ratings! And maybe just save the world.

  3. Hey me and my parter marc are in media and can help you we swear to let you make all the moves we will just help you find the people,start the company and make the money. [I have called your studio full moon high tide before looking for a job and i will call agein with our info for you to contact us if you want?.]Rock on.

  4. LovetheLove says:

    Cool thanks, cuz I wasn’t able to find anything on google.

  5. Habitual Offender says:

    It’s called “The Talk”.

  6. LovetheLove says:

    “Congrats is also order for Sara Gilbert on her new TV talk show.”
    What!!!??? I’m about to go a’googlin away now! I had no idea.

  7. LovetheLove says:

    Roseanne, we totally need you to do another talk show like the one you did, but maybe a little bit like Bill Maher’s show (not that I’m a fan of Maher, but I like the structure of his show). We need a feminist/humanist version of it where no issue is censored (like they are on “Real Time”). You’re a beacon of Light Roseanne, shine on!

  8. Habitual Offender says:

    Congrats is also order for Sara Gilbert on her new TV talk show.

  9. tomnseattle says:

    I loved your Talk Show Wish you would do another One and Talk about the Issues that effect this country PS love the radio show

  10. lol..thank god for laughing otherwise one just weeps. Not another talk show!! How many talk shows does America need? lol. On a serious note, anything to keep the unemployment figures from rising is a good thing, doesn’t matter if talk shows are a load of talk talk and more talk. Have the feel good factor that you are keeping people employed.
    I am going to turn the TV on and find a talk show and press the mute button on my remote control. Anything to keep people in employment. Will budget for it in my energy saving power and financial drive.