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afghani women and girls must be armed by women in the west

so that they can kill the men in the taliban themselves, thus liberating themselves from constant rape and murder.  After all the men are dead, there can be peace and justice for once.


  1. WORD SISTER! I have said myself 100 times that the only way anything will change for women is when they pick up a 2×4, a stick, a shovel, a car, a gun, and just go to work! I love you woman! :) Keep speakin the truth!

  2. we need to send god damn blackwater (or the company formerly known as) into the congo to take out these assholes. the u.s. militay must be using some chemical warfare thing to make this men want to rape to such extreme.

  3. every single country and every single religion and every single ethnic group uses rape (as well as videotaping it to sell on the black market) as a tactical weapon against their unnamed enemy-(which is women and everything female).

  4. Ladyjane Green says:

    Not just yeah, but FUCK YEAH! Rape has become a major tactical weapon in the arsenal used against the “civilian enemy”. What used to be a “spoil of war” is now an official tactic used to break down resistance in the native populations. The incidences of these
    large scale group sexual terrorism incidents is way on the rise.(Congo#1) Sadly enough, these group planned assaults on the women of villages seems to be happening every where, even US MILITARY not innocent (whoeva thought we were). Often used as an incentive.. Time to arm up, women of the world.