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to deliberately create a proto-class of women

in america who know nothing about feminism is patriarchy’s highest goal.  These are the women who threatened to rock the world’s boat, and so they had to be destroyed by madison avenue and hollywood, the ruling class’ think tanks.  go to huff po and read the level of ignorant uneducated statements against the victim of mel gibson’s homocidal and coddled hollywood faux masculine rage (it’s a drag impersonation of a female meltdown actually) made by the lefty’s brainless and purposely dumbed down females.  They are using the degradation of Hillary Clinton as their roadmap back to the patriarchal dead zone.  No intelligent feminist discourse anywhere in this culture’s media anymore, as the females rally around Palin, the anti-feminist ‘feminist’.  Women are more powerless now than ever before in America.


  1. Vikki Smudge says:

    Thanks Roseanne! I am a gay guy…and a drag queen. It is indeed the women that sell out my shows….and they often drag (no pun intended) their men to my shows too. I am here to service women. I work on a ship here in Canada…and am extremely thankful that all my bosses are women…Some are even Captains!!!!! although I am a gay man….I still feel I am here to protect women and children. I am a live performer ( no lipsyncing) and comic….my show is often about straight men. I try to “Smudge” the lines and enlighten at the same time. Though I have huge crowds of happy people I am still threatened my the “Mel’s” of the world. They hate me. They hate me not only because I am divinely glamourous! BUT because I can also “out-stat” them on hockey!
    Take care and keep it up!!!!!!!!!
    Rick Meyers/ Vikki Smudge

  2. You have an eloquent way of putting things, Roseanne. Not to mention, that you are 100% correct. I always looked at the things men did, that I didn’t want to do, as things they were better at than me but I now realize that is not the case. Your explanation has shown me the truth about the male’s natural role.

  3. gay men by the way are largely in the service of women. Straight men in the service of a male god and patriarchy, are always closet cases of some kind. Men are here to protect women and children from other men, NOT to help men prey upon them, as they do now.

  4. soleil, your question :Is it not natural for males to be better equipped than females (and vice versa) on certain things?
    Males are better able to manifest systems that women devise, than are women. The male is only acting as a male when in the service of women. When left to the service of males, he becomes a female impersonater.

  5. Hey Roseanne
    I take onboard your point with regards to why Mel stopped taking his meds. This is obviously a question only he can answer and also ultimately take responsibility for. It is my understanding, however, that often when people are on long term anti-psychotic meds they often begin to feel mentally better and, therefore, come off their medication without fist considering that it is the medication that is keeping their mental wellbeing under control. Obviously the fact that he has the added complication of being an alcoholic only leads to exacerbate the problem.
    I would like to take umbrage of your description, I am assuming of me, as “a slave class of woman” and someone who is “compelled to excuse male violence and instead blame the victim for what is done to her”. I have never once suggested that Oksana Grigorieva was responsible for any of the awful fiasco. Quite the contrary.
    Anyway, despite enjoying the debate sometimes it is perhaps better to agree to disagree.
    I’d like to ask an unrelated question Roseanne. Have you ever been to the Edinburgh Festival? It starts on 06th August, 2010 – 30th August, 2010. It would be great if you could come and join us. I am sure we would have a great time discussing a multitude of different topics in between taking in a few shows. Alan Cumming’s “I Bought A Blue Car Today” will be a must.

  6. you have no way of seeing the repulsive way you refer to Hillary Clinton is just your own misogyny, which you excuse. She is not a “horrible excuse for a woman” she is a woman, and you are not, so hold your tongue.

  7. uh, I read that book a million years ago, but thank you for letting me know that I know nothing about classism and sexism, though I did a big show about both when you were shitting your diapers. Also, thank you for “correcting” (insulting) me and then telling me not to be so defensive.

  8. TruthAndJustice says:

    Also patriarchy is dependent upon classism and sexism as well, not just racism. It all started with the Christian crusaders persecuting practitioners of the ancient matriarchal religions. Roseanne, if you haven’t already, please watch a movie called “The Mists of Avalon”. As a feminist, you owe yourself this 3 hours.
    We love you Rosey, please stop being so defensive against your fans. We have opinions also, we don’t have to agree on everything to respect and love eachother.

  9. TruthAndJustice says:

    Roseanne said: “patriarchal women are the worst men there are.”
    I couldn’t possibly agree more. What I don’t understand is how you still aren’t able to understand that Hillary Clinton is one of these patriarch-supporting women. It boggles my mind how you seem to have abandoned the wonderful Cynthia McKinney for this horrid excuse for a woman called Hillary.

  10. Is it not natural for males to be better equipped than females (and vice versa) on certain things? As far as speaking to anyone the way Mel did, that is simply intolerable. One doesn’t have to be a genius to see that. What I would love, however, is to see everyone stop acting that way towards other living things. I’ve found that, some of the most cruel individuals, are the ones standing outside with their pickets crying out for justice. Mel’s actions should not stand as only a wakeup call for himself, but for every other human being, as well, who disrespects other life for the sake of themselves and their “God”.

  11. here is what is happening to american women: working moms are being stripped of all their disposable income, schools, health care and police protection. It has already happened, and will take about two years to completely manifest in society—homeless women and children on the streets by the millions. Then they can be blamed for all of it too, by women higher up in the caste system of judeo christian america.

  12. to avril: excusing male violence because the man might be unwell, or unhappy or have emotional problems, or was cheated on, is only done when the male is rich and christian, usually.
    Incarceration of threatening and violent men who have “emotional problems” is interesting, in that it happens in degrees–more prison time is handed out to those who commit crimes against property, than crimes against women or children.
    I do not believe that incarcerating violent criminals is a ‘mean’ thing to do, or can be defined as “kicking someone when they are down, and obviously disturbed”. Society has the right to incarcerate those who attack its mothers and kids, even if they are rich white movie stars who refuse to stay on their medication, and instead drink alcohol, which exaggerates mental illness. Under Roseannarchy, I will incarcerate all women for re-education who excuse crimes that males commit.
    This slave class of women will learn the definitions of: freedom, empathy, justice, and right and wrong. They will be asked to answer this question, and removed from moral society until they answer it correctly: Why are you compelled to excuse male violence and instead blame the victim for what is done to her?
    correct answer: because patriarchal religion has taught me to grovel before those who have more money than I do.

  13. Ouch! You totally misunderstand me if you think I am excusing Mel’s behaviour. I certainly don’t admire men who attack women mentally, verbally or physically. Equally, I don’t admire women who do the same.
    The rants Mel directed to his partner seemed to me predominantly an attempt to regain control, which he had obviously lost. If anything positive can be gained from this awful situation, hopefully he will have found the fact that Oksana Grigorieva remained calm and dignified throughout, a humbling experience.
    Also, if by my saying that I don’t see the necessity of kicking anyone when they are down, regardless of their gender, makes me a female psychopathological patriarchy – Roseanne please explain to me what label to award those who gain some kind of perverted enjoyment from verbally stoning people who are mentally unwell??

  14. patriarchy is dependent on racism to keep capitalism in place.

  15. Roseanne…along the same wave length, what are your thoughts regarding the recent controversy with Dept. of Agriculture’s Sherrod’s firing? A system of patriarchy and attack on a minority woman in a power position? News story link:

  16. please note: mostly the men condemn (rightly so) the actions of the wife beater. Patriarchal women secretely love men for beating other women, and they cannot fathom the idea that it is wrong, always, no matter what. Women, not men, have been raised to accept the brutatlity towards other women, as if its the sacrament of their religion (which it is).
    The women’s tears are never for other women, and in this way, it is truly women who keep everything bad in place and running smoothly. Women lack critical thinking skills in a world of desperate horror in which they are enslaved. The women here who support mel and violence toward other women remind me of the african american slaves whose goal to please their master at any cost kept them in the big house, and out of the slave quarters. Whose fault was this? The system of slavery itself, just as the system of patriarchy is at fault, and those who support it–both male and female–are my targets. I am not anti male, I simply am neutral towards them. I do not worship them, or excuse their brutality or think they are helpless adolescents trapped in hunkering bodies, I simply say: It is not about men at all. It’s not about men, it’s about women and what they allow.

  17. psychopathological support for pedophiles and criminals, abusers, and torturers is the only role available to women under patriarchal thought.

  18. First of all I would like to give my assurances that I do not, for one single minute, condone the way Mel behaved towards his partner. It was truly disgusting and painful to hear, and I wasn’t even on the receiving end … However, I do feel the degree of condemnation levelled at him is unhelpful and cruel. You don’t have to be a psychiatrist to recognise the man is obviously unwell and totally lost. I’m sure we have all, on occasion, behaved or spoken in a way that we truly regret. Why should he be any different? After all, he’s an actor not a saint. I am quite sure he feels nothing but shame as a result of his behaviour. Also, to have it broadcast all around the world so that his character can be torn to pieces by a pack of hyenas is every bit as contemptible as his behaviour. The old adage “two wrongs don’t make a right” springs to mind. I am convinced he will also be horrified and humiliated by the impact his actions have inevitably had on the other members of his family.
    The man needs help/counselling not finger pointing and the rest of us should get down of our pedestals before we fall off them. I hope he looks for and finds forgiveness from his God. I hope he finds peace and is freed from his demons. I hope he receives forgiveness from his family and just as importantly, I hope he finds the strength to forgive himself.

  19. Vikki Smudge says:

    I have been reading your blogs for sometime now and have finally decided to join and sign up! What a great place for women…..and MEN! oh…and I guess Drag Queens too!
    Are you ever going to tour again? If so PLEASE come to Canada….and especially on Vancouver Island!!!! You are so loved here.

  20. we don’t have any other people in our family named Barr, sorry. I have found my birth daughter over twenty years ago now–sorry!

  21. *** Will someone “in the know” PLEASE FORWARD this to ROSANNE ? Thank you ***
    I am looking for my biological family – their last name is BARR (maternal side – don’t know paternal names). According to maternal family (who does not speak to me and only gave me tidbits of information) my BARR relatives are from Ohio, Utah, Colorado, and Arizona.
    Someone told me to post this on here because they say Rosanne and I are a lot alike in personality (blunt, direct, sarcastic) and have very similar smiles and appearances (from the squinty eyes to the body shape).
    I have more information so please contact me if you can help –
    Just so you know I am not a “nut” – my bio, references, published books, and more are at
    Thank you.

  22. I was raised in a fundamentalist christian home,taught to be in submission to men, to believe women were to serve and sacrifice, to have no opinion of my own. After years of repression I had a nervous breakdown, found my voice, said “No more”, divorced, came out,was ex- communicated, joined “Take back the night”,read “A room of ones own”, and have lived my true life for the last 20 year. Roseanne, thank you for speaking the truth.

  23. Ladyjane Green says:

    Womens self-hatred, taught to us by patriarchal mass media, becomes turned against other women, creating the new “proto class”. I have had women tell me that they blame “the feminists” for them not being able to just collect welfare and breed. This argument illustrates the sad fact that many of todays younger women could give a s–t about what the previous generations of women had to do just to get where we are today. The fight for womens rights to own property, vote, etc. were not that long ago.The patriarchal his-story that we are taught makes little mention of these struggles. Women are kept divided via petty jealousies and mythologies like they cant make it without a man, or wont be happy without the hetero-centric fairytale family. PunaElena

  24. patriarchal women are the worst men there are.

  25. Some of the comments directed to her are almost as appalling as the recordings. I don’t get how anyone can support speaking to another person like that, let alone the mother of your child. Its messed up how much some women hate other women.
    I hope you heard the last recording, where she mentions he has schizophrenia, which is similar to what you said regarding him being bipolar. Sounds like a combination of those things, being a dry drunk and having too much power and a distortion of beliefs all combined. Though obviously he is extremely high functioning with the help of his many many enablers is my guess.
    Dumbfounded how anyone could support him.