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The medical marijuana wars

against united states citizens who use medical marijuana are beginning.  People can now say whatever they want to say in political ads on tv, without fear of being sued for slander, and without any vetting process at all.  The rich can manipulate the poor into supporting their wars for profit which penalize the poor and re-distribute their wealth upward, while decreasing the services tax money is supposed to pay for, like the police and teachers and the fire departments, and boards of education.  American women will soon be living the way they live in Pine Ridge.  I know there are going to be more and more desperate women and no more battered women’s shelters.  Thank God they have not been able to stop poor women from having abortions altogether.  Something so right is trying so hard to be born in these united states right now.  May it come quickly!  Solutions yes!


  1. baltimoreangel says:

    Roseanne i was wondering if you heard of this man:
    This man was a best-selling author of 40 books, and he tried to help people beat their blues, depression, change their lives for the better, and in 1996 he was diagnosed with AIDS–AND Cancer–and the Fed Government disallowed him to use the medicinal marijuana-the only “med” that helped him keep down his Aids/Cancer treatment. It’s a sad and very scary story.

  2. Ladyjane Green says:

    As of today, Roger Christie, the leader of the Hawaii Cannabis Ministry, is being held without bail in Honolulu. The US District judge Alan Kay has determined him to be menace to society. The other 13 people arrested with him have been released, but are going to be charged as well. The cops are acting like they put a big dent in crime, but in reality they are scapegoating cannabis again while the crystal meth trade flourishes here. This is because most of the big meth dealers have relatives working in law enforcement. The local gov in hawaii is corrupted by asian drug cartels and the us military. Your right, these medical marijuana wars are beginning, and we here on the big island are deep in the trenches! BARR 2012