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my speech to the farmers in hilo:

first a question:  how many people sellling the produce at the farmer’s markets are actual farmers who actually grew this food themselves?

where is the best organic one grown by real farmers?


  1. Ladyjane Green says:

    We are going to be there next Saturday, July 31, the market goes from 8-12, and the campaign office is right down the road.

  2. hi hon, tell me the next time and i will be there–you can tell people i will come too, flyers etc. let me contribute to the campaign too–to pay for flyers and t shirts etc

  3. Ladyjane Green says:

    Hey, just got back from the market at Seaview, Kalapana.(Puna) People are super interested in the Roseannarchy and your Green Tea Party ! We are telling people to tune in to the radio show on sunday and hear what your saying. The stickers are going fast,(we are gettin more) and we cant wait to bust out the shirts. There is plenty of great local produce, food, and local color galore,( aka a thriving gay community) at this market. We think this would be a great market for you to give a speech at, or just hang out and people watch. There are even vendors selling raw food, both locally made and organic. Were getting the word out, grass roots style, Its time to stop and start over! Vote Barr 2012, Green Tea Party PunaElena

  4. yes all thats puna district.. is the place where there is a small market today. there are locally grown fruits and veg. and organics too.

  5. makuu market is bigger and on sunday, you could still catch it after doing the show, maybe its only till 2pm.

  6. this is a small saturday market at seaveiw , down by kaimu. wednessday nights also seasonally.

  7. where is the farmers market–in puna?

  8. so, 2 puna flavored roseannearchists are headed to farmers market now, complete with a sign and a few bumper stickers that are left from the 1st batch ordered and not already stuck on our cars. t shirt design still awaiting approval. very exciting times, these days of roseannearchy.

  9. Ladyjane Green says:

    At Hilo, maybe 2 out of 8 are actual farmers, most get veg from Hilo Products Inc. The farmers who say they are “pesticide free” usually grow their own. It pays to ask, cuz there are scammers abounding. Other Farmers Markets on island are more strict about selling locally grown only produce and food. Missed u on tha radio today… PunaElena

  10. Ladyjane Green says:

    Hey whats up! glad your back!