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jerusalem is to become the world’s first international city

according to the prophecies of the old testament.  I see it happening now.  The Jews will go Chinese all the way.  the juddhist


  1. Jerusalem is nothing more than a physical mental swamp. There is one city and home to one. Where everyone’s footprints adjoin. In light, in shade, in darkness.
    Sand Dune built by one grain of sand. One grain a chapter of one city of the mind. The origin of life is not here, retrace the footprints, step off of this world, step off again the outer portal is open, communicate within. The within is expanding. The mind has expanded.

  2. Yeah girl, Take a break. It’s very hard being a woman with so much substance in this society. They seem to take the troubles of the world on their backs, while the rest are out there trying to steal eachother’s husbands. Love ya girl…. Being a smart woman is much more stressful than being a smart man. This is due to the fact that it is generally a part of being a woman to care too much…

  3. rosemary wallace says:

    Roseanne, You’re a Scorpio for christ sake, you’ll always feel the sins and pain of the world intensely and you’ll always rise from the ashes reborn, alive and still kickin’. come on, give yourself a break, you can’t save the world on your own and if this world goes completely to hell its only the demise of the human race, mother nature will roll over and start again. Take care of your self, sleep, eat right, have a nice cup of tea with Buffy Sainte Marie over there on your island, you guys will have a hoot together. Buffy can sort you out. Love you Roseanne, you’re already a hero and leader extraordinaire, take it easy kid, you earned it. Let the young step up to the plate for awhile, til you’re ready to come back. xo

  4. register inside and pm me

  5. Isn’t it already an international city? Aren’t we already chinese? How can I connect with you to ask you an unrelated question?