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if the women of hawaii want me to run for

president then I will do it with their support.  I will be going to the farmer’s market down there and giving a speech to the farmers.

it seems to me that running for president is all about giving speeches. I write my own too!


  1. Hey Rosanne, finally a politician who writes their own speech. Just remember to answer the questions that people ask you with real answers, not another question or how ‘we need to come together as a nation “. It doesn’t matter what the answers are as long as we stand together, right? WHAT? LOL. LOVE YA R.

  2. Ladyjane Green says:

    Which market r you talkin bout, cuz us womyn of Hawaii want to be there! There is hilo, makuu,seaview volcano, waimea? Maybe try to hit more than one? Can bring campaign signs, and a kid with camera……