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I told michael moore to support Hillary

not obama, and he did not listen to me at all, and did the opposite, despite her pro-single payer platform.  the men always all stick together with each other, but the women always choose the man over the woman even now.  Women cannot think for themselves too well when they are desperate and have several children to feed.   Women need Hillary right now in the world because she understands solutions and how to negotiate with world leaders!  Hillary 2012!!


  1. So true. Women hardly stick together. If we would at least halfheartedly stick together ther might be a good ol’ girls club by now. We are so hard on eachother. We are the first to judge eachother in any situation prior to proper investigation. We automatically look at eachother and say “GUILTY”. Why are we so gratified at seeing eachother burned at the stake. There must be some ancient reason for this. In my own life, I make it a point to be more ” women friendly ” in my life. We really do need eachother.

  2. TruthAndJustice says:

    I’m gay also Luke, and I know very well that Hillary-Bilderberg-Clinton is not what the average American needs. She is an elitist career politician, and a part of the large cabal of globalist-fascists. She supports the wars in the middle east as well as the gutting of the U.S. Constitution. Please do some research into someone before throwing your weight behind them. Otherwise you just look like a blind follower. As for you Roseannse, when are you gonna start responding to your fans who disagree with you on certain issues? When are you going to realize that other than the fact that they are female, Hillary Clinton has absolutely nothing in common with Cynthia McKinney?

  3. I’m a man, and I supported Hillary to the end.
    Still supporting her now, I’ll never give up on her. She is what this country needed, and now we need her more than ever!
    Hillary 2012/2016
    ps, Roseanne you’re one of my heroes. You’ve always fought so hard for the gays, and it really means the world to me/us. Hope to meet you one day.

  4. DJ Tenn. nYc says:

    Michael Moore pointed out in “SICKO” that Hillary Clinton took $350K from Health Insurance Co.s to never say the words “socialized medicine” in public again.
    MM was just telling the truth and I agree totally with TruthandJustice
    Cynthia McKinney is the candidate you should get behind Roseanne.
    Those sneaky Lying Clintons… ugh. dont get me started..
    PHONY personifeied.

  5. TruthAndJustice says:

    Roseanne, I’ve noticed over the past year or 2 that this is your single weakness (of an issue) when it comes to politicians. Please understand, Hillary Clinton IS ONE OF *THEM*!! She is NOT of the people, just because she has a vagina and is a democrat! She’s in the same classification as Condi Rice and that evil woman in Florida who announced W. as the president down in Florida in 2000. Also rememeber who Hillary MARRIED and is STILL married to! Please Roseanne, do some more research into the false “left-right paradigm” because assuming that Bilderberg-Hillary is one of us. She isn’t! In 2008 I voted for Ms. Cynthia McKinney…the ONLY politician I remotely trust.

  6. LoL! Thats what I was going to say. Roseanne 2012!!!!!!!!!

  7. Do you really think she will be a difference? I wonder…How bout Roseanne 2012!!