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hamas hates its own women

and seeks their enslavement and degradation.  tribalism at its worst.  we women are not going to allow legitimacy to any governments who have as their goal the disfranchisement of its own women.  I am sure that many palestinian grandmothers are appalled by their government as are we women on the other side of the fence.  I want a new system based on women’s happiness.  I know that when women are happy, they want everyone else to be happy too.  Let we women be happy!

hamas just outlawed females drinking coffee in public.  No woman in her right mind voted these gangsters in.  


  1. You know I have thought about this issue for years. About these countries and beliefs that women should be not heard and totally controlled. Treated worse than second class citizens. I have come to only one conclusion, and this is just my opinion. I say this because I believe this, not to piss anyone off.
    Men with these beliefs and others who agree have a great fear of women. They will never admitt it but they know how powerful the female is. They are truely afraid of losing any kind of control over women because if they are given any power at all, there would be no turning back. The fact that a female can carry a human, male or female for 9 months and have their own bodies nourish the unborn, build them with the strengths of their own bodies terrifies them. The fact that a woman can carrie a male fetus for 9 months and determin it’s health and a man is not capable of this terrifies them. Yes women can be very emotional due to hormones and this can get in the way of other things in their lives. Some, not all. If women did have control of the world, a country, whatever, there would be much more properous outcomes in most areas. It is hard for me to explain, but in my head it is so clear. i apologize, if I make no sense. In general women really do care about the welfare of the world. They really do want all children to be safe and succeed, whether male or female. There would be less ego involved in very serious decision making matters. In general women live longer and there are more women in the world then men. Most women have a tendency to keep family together and to not be so self serving as to put family, the most important thread that keeps people in general stronger as a whole. The family unit barely exists anymore. There is more divorce than babies being born. Everything is based on instant gratification, sexual satisfactions, greed and so on. This has broken down the thread of humanity. Don’t get me wrong, there are some wonderful good intended men out there, but they get no recognition anymore. There are some evil woman out there as well. No maternal instincts, out for themselves. But in general the good outweighs this evil crap, and women are the backbone of this. Remember the 1950’s when moms were the family glue and kids actually cared about others feelings and had to work for things. They had more appreciation for things and for life? Well guess what? If something catastrophic doesn’t happen soon, imagine this world and those countries that have no regard for women in another 100 years. Ladies, get your tubes tied. Would you be able to look down from the heavens at your babies babies and see what they will be living in? Anyway, off on a tangent. Women have the power. We can have equal rights and be maternal and the show – runners like we kind of use to be. These unhealthy men are very afraid of that power we hold. What cracks me up is these men come from uteruses. You think they would at least be smart enough to be grateful for that. That is my theory.