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clinton was the victim of a witch burning

as were all of her supporters.  Insulted right to the faces.  I wrote of the feminist purge within the democratic party.  They all went rightward and more into the arms of big business.  Feminists are small business owners, by and large.  The lefty democrats  are like ted kennedy, moral cowards when the rubber meets the road, or slides across that road and crashes into the water. 

     I asked the Black women members of Acorn who were largely church goers if they believed in gay marriage and they all said no.  Acorn lost it’s funding because it’s members helped to pass 8 in California.  They could not be persuaded to leave their religion out of their own politics.  The line was completely blurred for women in america.  there is offically no difference between the army of the usa and god.  that is palin.  She is being used by pedophile preachers who preach against the words of christ.
   I asked cynthia mckinney to talk about Israel, and our interview is on this site–search it.


  1. TruthAndJustice says:

    “but I do not agree that Israel should be totally destroyed.”
    As an anarchist, I think that ALL nation-states should be destoyed, including the global elite. You’re not such a radical afterall Roseanne, are ya. You need to learn how to truly think OUTSIDE the box. Your arrogance is slowing you down I’m afraid.

  2. TruthAndJustice says:

    Also Roseanne, with your “reply” to me (in the 3rd person), you failed to address the points that I raised. You really do have some growing up to do, as many of us do as well. But your immaturity shows forth on all sides. And I’m quite sure that many other feminists would agree after reading your ignorance.

  3. well, we all need to get together and look at things in a different way these days, I think–we need to get results and find solutions, and not just do the same old same old, or think the old fashioned ways that brought us to this point.

  4. Im am the high priestesss worshipperrr

  5. P.s. the only thing I’m intimidated by roseanne for is her experience her travels and her wisdom.
    I bow down to these thingss

  6. Dearest occulist
    I love women women that take control of their bodies and arnt subservient to men
    Ive been told i should have bbeen born a woman yess that is true.
    IM sorry i would say no i dont hate women
    It’s just hard to find women who r worthy of any respectt.
    poppn out kids to trap a man esp when u cant afford those kids is ludicrus to me.
    but they do it ovr and ovr
    WHen wil some women wake up and own their power
    stop wishn for some fairy tale knight to make it all better.
    I certainly love women. WOmen who r strong and in chargee.
    I guess maybe im just tired of waiting for women to grow up.
    but thanks for your concern and i will reflect on thatt

  7. Dear Witch Hunter Timothy
    I am so sorry for you for not being born a woman. It must be difficult in pretending to live your life acting as one. You think woman are stupid, unworthy and that every woman that has crossed your path should have been burnt at the stake.
    But it is time to wake up Timothy and start to educate yourself what a woman is and her role on this planet. A good start would be to realize that women exist. Instead of jumping in at the deep end and end up bashing them to pulp because of your confusion, which ends up with you hating women and be it hating yourself, because you were not born a woman. There is no point in crying over spilt milk.
    You Timothy, yes you Timothy do not respect women. So, the next time you go shopping say in Walmart or sitting with your tail between your legs on a bus find a woman and look into her eyes and say these simple words:
    “I respect you”
    Thank you for taking time in reading this for you are a torn and gentle soul. A small tip, never ever underestimate the power that women holds. And another shortened tip. Woman are smart in more ways than one.
    You know Timothy it is such a beautiful day here and nature is calling and I am calling nature, so I will take this opportunity to go for a walk.
    Enjoy your day too Timothy.

  8. Plus I’ve been doin some reading
    It sounds like HIlary is on the take.
    JUst anothr schill acceptn bribes and handouts.
    At least in her early career campaining and all.
    Roseanne dont you see/hear these things??

  9. i dont know i guess im a lil intimidated by you Roseanne.
    but i feel
    I liked hilary at one point i mean i wasnt in love w her but i felt she was harmless
    To me now it seems shes a warhawk and just spouting what the boys tell her to.
    Almost like she doesnt have a mind of her own anymore.
    Whats with givn pakistan money? Also what was the with the honduras coup? She has been little help as secretary of state if u ask me.
    JUst playn the rich mans game.
    Hilary in my view has lost any voice she may have had.
    her and her healthcare vision way back when never came to fruition and i wonder if being elected prez would’ve changed anything.
    seems she knows when to slip into the Im just a woman ACT.
    BUt i am definately not in the know of what her angle is.
    Anyway hilary gives me the creeps. esp with her turn about.
    she like a fembot!! is that a patriarical thing to say lol

  10. the deal about casting themselves into a world as opposing females, reminds me of the book the’ great cosmic mother, rediscovering the religion of the earth’ , where she talks about how in the womb, everybody is female for the first eight weeks , from then on , its a hormonal battle for the male fetus to remain male, she goes on to say , for all we know the near east myths upon which our western mythologies are built, those which portray the young god or hero battling against a female dragon , have some analog here, in utero, where the male fetus wages a kind of chemical war against rebecoming female.
    just sayin

  11. i voted for cynthia, but I do not agree that Israel should be totally destroyed.

  12. it’s another male who thinks he can insult and belittle women who are smarter than he is…he will use terms like “sweetie” etc. and suggest that smart women do not see the truth of how things really work. Here’s how they work: everything men say is largely irrelevant to the world I see and live in. They cannot listen to women because something is actually wrong with them. They lack empathy for and consciousness of women, and cannot see how patriarchy works, because they all profit from being part of it. the only way they (men–straight and gay and christian jew muslim and pagan) can cast themselves into the world is as opposing females. they are largely a bore, and will bore women to death if given half a chance to do so.

  13. What is a “gay male Pagan feminist”?

  14. TruthAndJustice says:

    p.s. I’m not sure what Cynthia’s opinions are of Israel, but I can say that Hillary is as pro-Zionist as that little shit Lieberman. What you need to do Roseanne is stop supporting ALL politicians who are Democrats and Republicans. When you’ve completely abandoned the 2-party system forever then you’ll be on your way toward understanding American politics (which is totally rigged all the way to the top…including your queen Hillary, I’m afraid).
    McKinney all the way!

  15. TruthAndJustice says:

    Uh Roseanne? I’m a gay male Pagan feminist. I voted for Cynthia McKinney in 2008. Which personality were you addressing me with sweetie? Unless Ms. McKinney is really a man I don’t see how you can call me a patriarch. And as long as you’re STILL using labels like “leftwing” and “rightwing” in today’s world, it looks as though you still have a long way to go on the road of discovery, although compared to most Americans…you’re doing well. Now, hit the books my lovely idol!

  16. palin will probably win the white house if hillary doesnt run against her—Obama has only a small amount of wiggle room, to be fair…rahm is an idiot.
    Cynthia wants a total dismantling of the state of israel, and I do not.

  17. Why is she wrong when she talks about have said the same things about isreal as well..

  18. I sure wish Hillary had been elected had not Oprah had the hots for Obama. We’d still have our amazing world renown American mustangs roaming public lands, grey wolves and our Gulf of Mexico wouldn’t be the massive toxic waste dump it now is. We could have worked to get out of that faux illegal war to steal Iraqs oil, closed GETMO, allowed basic human civil rights to all Americans, not just hetero ones.(or opposite sex ones, in case Mrs California is passing through). All the “change” he promised and never came through on. Run for president! I’d vote for you in a second. Just promise me you will behead palin and send her to a cheap taxidermist. Her head should be on a cheap paneled wall in the White houses basement den for all time.

  19. I love Cynthia Mckinney and most of her ideas, which is why she is my friend and why I support and vote for her, but she is wrong when she talks about Israel.

  20. the left looks the other way as the Obamites dismantle their very bones and graveyards, shreiking in hysteria, calling for the one woman, the witch, to be burned to atone for the fact that she lived through the malleus malificarum of the american patriarchal burning times.

  21. hello! I NEVER SAID THEY SHARED A COMMON IDEALOGICAL PLATFORM, OK? You have completely missed everything I am saying, everything I mean. I will repeat, and try to read and comprehend: Hillary is the only US politician who listens to working american women. This FACT means nothing at all to the left in america, which is why its an impotent boutique poser movement at this point.
    People like you cannot make anything at all happen here, and as long as the most powerful female in the country is your target, you just help Sarah Palin and the right get more and more ensconced in powerful positions.
    The left is completely impotent and will remain so until the idea dawns upon them that women make up the majority of the us workforce now, and that Hillary Clinton is viewed by a majority of them as their mouthpiece.
    No amount of regurgitation of Axelrod penned lefty misogynistic talking points will ever change OR ADDRESS these facts. Prattle on, patriarchal placeholder.

  22. TruthAndJustice says:

    Compare the voting records of Cynthia McKinney with those of Hillary Clinton and them tell me you still think that they both share a common ideological platform. Jeez Roseanne, get on the boat already and get over your delusion that Hillary Clinton is some kind of female hero of the common people. She is as pro-establishment as a career politician can be. Man, I feel like I’m telling Dan Conner to get over the fact that Darlene won’t ever become a real pro-basketball star.