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this just in from G-d:

“You guys need to help Obama, by showing up in the streets for him, so that the media can capture that. The wars are just PR soundbites. If we do not send our soldiers to kill people, they will have no jobs at all. Obama must create JOBS!!


  1. Your right , we need jobs. The Democrats have a way of taking jobs away! First, Clinton did with the Democratic party, when he gave us Free Trade! It took jobs away from Americans and sent them to third world countries. And the worsts of it, I have to buy my underwear that are made in Viet Nam! Yes, your underwear are made in Viet Nam by the Viet Cong ! How ironic, and you think they are not going to give you crabs or a STD if they can? I would wear used underwear before I would lower myself to buy another package of Hanes underwear made by the Viet Cong! They killed enough of our boys! We dont need to pay double the price we had paid before, (underwear used to be three pair for a dollar before Clinton! But were still paying more, not less, its like $1.25 or more a pair, but you’d think as long they made them cheaper, our Government would protect us from paying more than if they were made here in the USA, but the Government does not protect our interest!) VietCong work for less than 2 cents USA a day, I hear, so why are these companies charging the US more than 5 cents a pair? ? Because overseas is where the Mills are! There no mills or manufacturing plants in America. They truly have us by the Balls! And Pu&&ies! Literarily!! NO crap intended but we truly have to start making our own underwear if we want to take back some pride in America! You cant count on Obama to make jobs, he has no idea what a real job is!Let alone make one! He was NEVER hired by a Law firm, in case you did not know that minor fact! The only job he was able to get was by hustling people with his manipulating charistmatic ways! Its what he learned from those RACIST Christians at Rev Wright CHurch (Or should I say wrong Church?) before they make a choice?? Its just practical knowing ! If you want real jobs maybe you can hire those who need them to work for Pig meat? lol?

  2. RoseyPosie, you make me laugh… Love your show (Roseannes Nuts!) ok to answer your request, if “they come in the streets are they to be dressed as Monkeys or Ferries?
    I dont get it!
    Are you for Obama killing Jews? Because you cant be for someone who wants to annialate Jews, our own kind,are you? Thats what is in Ob’ heart… hes not for Jews in case you did not figure it out yet! Or understand his two faced religious body language! Hes what has been referred to as a dog in sheeps clothing! He has made it clear hes not for Jews or Christians, so whats left?

  3. Not sure were to place this within your blog. I am a single (unemployed) mom since 2009. I am no longer qualified to apply to jobs that I have been doing for 10years, as current employers are asking for 4-year degrees. Now the question with that is, wouldn’t it be nice to have the job and then go to school for the degree in order to pay for the schooling? Also, most employers are looking at potential employees credit reports to determining hiring or not. Again, am I wrong to think that is why you are wanting a job, so that you can improve your credit rating?
    Roseanne, I am sure this message will go unread and thrown away, but in case you do happen to read this. I have taken my case to many constituates in our nations capital over this issue, and get blocked at every turn. I am like you in that I speak my mind without looking at the consequences of my words at the time I speak them. Which gets me into trouble.
    I also believe that our Government needs to be exposed for what it is. A corrupt, in moral society of the worst of the worst. The only difference between those in political office and our local street thugs is a college education, and a show, that is all.
    If you ran for president I only ask that you place me at your side, so that together we can set this GREAT NATION back were it should be, back into the common-man’s hands.
    Thank you for your time.

  4. Mark you are so right.

  5. Mark L Holland says:

    (If the Democrates and Obama begin doing some serious )
    Should read (If the Democrates and Obama Do Not begin doing some serious)

  6. Mark L Holland says:

    The problem is that Obama needs to help himself and us, from day one he has been trying to be a bridge builder with the Republican/Christian party, who simply burn any bridges he even attempts to put up.
    If the Democrates and Obama begin doing some serious offensive work in regards to the Republican/Chritian party, we will lose the majority in 2010 and the presidency in 2012.
    You cannot play nice with these people, if you do they will slit your polical throat.