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The poor are next for america’s “detention camps”
This country is going in the wrong wrong wrong direction. What can be done?


  1. Foxxed 2 Death says:

    Terrible indeed. As a truck driver, I used to pass the Manzanar Detention Camp on Hwy 395, thinking “What a sad day in history that was!” That evil hatred is rearing its ugly head again.

  2. its all so terrible, isn’t it?

  3. Foxxed 2 Death says:

    After working for 40 years (only to have my life savings and retirement home sold at half price to pay off enormous medical bills) then ending up on SSI that is 12 dollars a year higher than poverty level, leaving me on a Wellpointe Medical plan that has an unnaffordable MONTHLY DEDUCTABLE of $2,800, if these Poverty Camps furnish free health care, SEND ME! My only other hope is to bash Dick Cheney to death with my cane, since convicted felons get better health care than disabled Americans.