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Pine Ridge:

Myself and many readers here have sent support to Pine Ridge Indian Reservation for years. I have been blogging and talking about the things there for a while. Yesterday I heard that Diane Sawyer’s team is going there to do a story about our friend Blossom and her eleven grandchildren who live with her in a broken down trailer. We tried to get a new trailer in there, and talked about hiring some carpenters to fix it, and we instead signed up for a Fema Trailer, which three months later we are still waiting for.
I am so happy to have had anything to do with bringing this story to the media’s attention. I hope the Diane Sawyer story brings in tons of help and support, for Blossom and for The Buffalo Boy Foundation. I appreciate the love and support of all here and all who will be coming to the aid of the Lakota People in Pine Ridge. What has happened to them makes the poor victims of Katrina look rich by comparison. The children pick through landfills to find wood to burn to keep warm. I have tried to help them as much as i could, and of course I would like to continue to be a friend and help out more, too.
I want to help them get some jobs and industry out there, which is why I always talk about allowing the indian people to grow hemp. It is such a great and useful crop and is a great money making crop as well–homes shoes and fuel, as well as food can be gleaned from it. It is not the kind of thing that people smoke, that is a different plant! We are working on ideas that I hope Diane Sawyer will help support. They have taken a few years to get the non profit status and other things we have worked on. I hope people will build on what is already in place and not just replicate it and then move on. Let’s build something there.
Blossom is a GODDESS.


  1. CosmicTinker says:

    Pine Ridge is being profiled tonight on 20/20, in case it wasn’t already mentioned. Info about it is here:

  2. TruthAndJustice says:

    By the way, I have an awesome t-shirt that says on the top “Homeland Security” with an image of 4 Native warriors underneath. And underneath the image it says “Fighting terrorism since 1492″. Ain’t that the truth.

  3. TruthAndJustice says:

    Thank you so much Roseanne for taking on what the corporate media refuse to cover (Native American issues). I’ve donated some money to the Lakota Action Network in the past, though I know it’s not nearly enough. Needless to say, it’s not only the Lakota who are still suffering behind the scenes, it’s ALL Native tribes. The western world is intentionally destroying what is left of all indigenous culture, though I doubt they will succeed in full.

  4. fighting truth decay says:

    if only they had’nt taken over the indians in the first place, we’d be living in a much better world today. i definitely agree with the hemp plan, i read the emporer wears no close 30 years ago, if only the people realized the epa turned the plan of taking 5% of the growing land, to grow hemp, and within 90 days we could have been driving our cars and heating our homes. the world would be a much better place.

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    I know there was a mobile HIV testing unit at Pine Ridge several weeks back; the native community is disproportionally affected by HIV.

  7. DJ Tenn. nYc says:

    Thank you Roseanne for all you do and for the genius ideas to solve problems you put forth into this crazy mans world xo Tenn.

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  15. Great work Roseanne.