granny funny at the pool, killed with the little boys


I was watching that fucking E entertainment show about the best bodies in hollywood and was mad as hell that they do not even have a goddam category for older fatter grey gals…(the ones who have all the money that the candidates are all trying to get at). WELL!?! I think I may turn my eye away from E entertainment television, and not give them my viewership as they are just promoting porn for the out of work sons and unwed teen daughters that are at home living with their moms. and the gays.
You’ll notice they never have any fat shlubby bear gays on there either, right, and yet the bears are the most attractive in the gay community right now…a big fat juicy honeybunch is a great thing! Awww, go fuck yourselves, you out of touch evil womanhating anti fatties!!! Kiss our fat ass.