i remember when sister and I understood together

that the term domestic goddess was going to tumble all of patriarchy itself, as we laughed outside that denver bookstore years ago. It was the proper naming of God for once at the right time in herstory. Sister and I and chai then sang the songs of our ancestors together, black white muslim jew christian, all of our ancestors became co-mingled, ushering in the dawn of the age of aquarius. we were witches then, now just old grannies. chai is dead. the last time i heard from her she said the universe is responding!!! and indeed it was. patriarchy is in its deathroes as women gather to wage peace as they do every century, and always will. they got the vote by surviving torture. hail sisters! you are here all around still, will be and were forever. you talked about a women’s party that was based on peace. which actually costs less, in short, peace is a bargain and only requires sharing…to the men and women who know this: the goddess is all living things!- i send you affirmation and love! something is coming to me here. pele is green and breathing her hips twitching under the cows and horses she holds up…