Steering the Democrats…

Help to steer the democrat party.. support Gravel and Kucinich all the way through the convention, we need their delegates to swing the party’s platform to the left a little…let us keep all our money, abolish the IRS, boot the Israeli lobbyists, suspend NAFTA, raise our tarriffs beef up our wages and kick the fucking bums out.. starting from the democrat party all the way through to the grand old pervs!!! Don’t say you are a dem or a rep, say you are nauseous of this two party sewn up communist system. We want socialized medicine/universal health care, not communism!!! Health care is number one…pressure Hilary’s tendency to conform…you owe all of us women Hilary, we do not owe you!!! Pay up, you want our votes earn them. Restore voting rights and habeus corpus, start getting with the green tech, and decriminalize marijuana, stop torture, stem cell research, address the environment and limit the insurance lobby, and corporate control of media… make peace or get out of my way so I can run for president and do it.