a nice letter

I’m thankful for you and your voice
You can do what no one else can. You can get your message to people. The message that all this is so wrong. The IRS is a good start. They need to fix Social Security. My mom just turned 65. She was married for 10 years and then they adopted me. Three weeks later her husband walked out on us in the middle of the night to marry the 17 year old who lived next door. He took everything from her. Then her best friend, that I am named after, called Catholic Charities and tried to have me taken away from her. She raised me alone in a time when that was not socially acceptable. She has worked since she was 14, doing every kind of crappy job possible to support herself. In 1996 she finally bought her own house. Then the dumbass got elected and she lost her job and had a heart attack and couldn’t get another job. Then she lost her house. Now she lives with my husband and I cares for my son during the day. We barely have anything left to live on. My mom gets $618 a month from social security. Bush’s oil buddies make in 1 minute what it would take 17 years of social security checks for my Mom to make. Now that she is 65, they are taking $94 a month out for medicare. We spend billions in Iraq but we can’t help people like my Mom, people who helped build this country, live their lives in dignity. Any human deserves that. When I was young I used to watch you on TV and dream of being famous and making people laugh. Now I wish I was famous so that I too could be heard and make a difference. So that I could bring this country back to what it once was. Thanks for having the courage to say it and to do it. Rosie had the courage and she has been villified for using her freedom of speech. Thank you to you and your friend and all the other woman who stand together and say loudly and clearly, ENOUGH! Thank you for being MY voice.