Ann Coulter’s Anti-Semitism

The ultimate state of the perfection of Jews: they are all dead.
This is what is actually in the minds of Bush/Cheney and all Christians of the right who run this country, and ironically, are the major supporters of the state of Israel’s ride to ruin which is coming very quickly.
The Jews like Abramoff and Lieberman and the other sellout nothing lovers like them have traded the Christian Nazis’ money for their very existence…Hitler could not have planned it better.
I have archives here about the end of the Jews. This is that time. Those of us who are Jewish need to call out the traitors to humanity among our people, they are always getting working class Jew killed, like they did in Germany. The Jews, like every other people, have corrupt satanic leaders.
The unholy alliance between American Nazis and Jewish American Zionists spells the “perfection of the Jews” perfectly…we are all dead, and Jesus can return. This is all bullshit speech that really means: Christian jihad. After all Jews are dead, then they can kill all the Muslims too. However it will not go that way…what will happen instead is: more international Islamic jihad. A race to the end of the people on earth because of racist religious thought.
Satan loves religion.
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