Existence of God Resolved by Johnny Argent

Humans arguing about the existence of god is like fish arguing about the existence of water. Look, SOMETHING has us all by the ass. We exist within an infinite context. Call it God or call it Todd. “IT” doesn’t give a shit. It’s THAT which contains EVERYTHING but is contained by NOTHING.
The arguing comes in when we start to quibble about whether there’s some gigantic conscious entity that we can lobby for favors, like the Jews beating the Egyptians or the Cardinals beating the Steelers.
The “creator” idea doesn’t follow either. What, the lonesome old King of Nothing took a bunch of nothing and created a bunch of inferior beings to argue for eternity about “his” existence? Infinity, by definition, didn’t have a beginning. Ultimate “beginning” is a childish notion that’s a product of finite mind.
Why not stick with inarguable, predictable truths like Fall follows Summer, old age follows youth, politicians follow money, etc, etc, ad infinitum and give the endless debate a break?
The Aztecs said the sun came up because they sacrificed virgins. They “proved” it: they sacrificed virgins and Behold!: the sun came up! That’s my definition of Religion: sacrificing virgins to make the sun come up. I’m not saying it doesn’t work – just that it’s not really necessary.
I look with awe upon Life, the Universe, whatever you want to call it – but I don’t try to fit it into a concept I can hit other people over the head with. It won’t fit into a balloon shaped like “understanding.” You can’t throw a lasso of understanding around a cow too big to see the end of. The fancy way of saying it is that: when the talking, arguing, believing, not believing, analyzing, explaining, etc. etc. etc. is all over……..EVERYTHING, as a whole, defies further conceptual elaboration.
The Chinese had a saying about enlightenment (when the guys who wrote the Bible were still wiping their asses with leaves and dripping goat blood on stone altars). They described seeing “god” (or everything) IN everything, thusly: “When the whole country is flooded – the well becomes superfluous.” Something is everywhere, all the time, always has been…it seems to know what it’s doing and it works whether anybody believes it or not.
…Thanks for your time……