We are the Law…

I do not agree with drugging the women who are bipolar any longer…we are the ones who dare to dream the dreams that make things visible, as we want to weave the fabric of life into the cosmos, cuz its so fucking simple to do so…in the beginning was the world of words. hashem created the letters, the formula, the equation. hashem is the female name of god in the code of the hebrews, which moses liberated from pharaoh (this is the code word for cleopatra) and gave freely to the slaves. The slaves minds were branded. The brand is that of freedom. to be free to understand that the law alone is god, not man, not even god, as the interpretations abound on that subject…but the law is above god and god intended it so…jesus said “I am the law“…he meant we are the law. The will of the people united is god.