Righties Chow on Satan’s Man Thing…

maverickcoast, thank you so much for posting here…of all the right wing bores that posted here, you are the only one with any kind of spelling ability at all. Also, you lasted in debate with real intellectuals longer than any other rightie we have ever had here. Although you still have a sneering tone, as do ALL the people who share your ill informed pre digested running dog lackey viewpoints, I heartily commend you for impersonating a thinking person effectively. You have almost held your own against everyone here but me, as that would be an impossibility for you or for any man on the right. Anyway, I have enjoyed your comments immensely, and love nothing more than an almost worthy opponent!
Here is the great leveler though: those who profit from human misery and war are going to burn in hell forever, according to Jesus Christ, the man that anchors the foundation of all the right wing’s beliefs. Hell will be so much worse than even Iraq, and it will actually last a lot longer, unbelievable as it sounds. Also, all the poor people that you are helping to create actually live within a two mile radius of the richest white separatists like you, and they are moving in on your kind faster and faster and faster, and they cannot be stopped. Think about that fact as you lock your doors tonight… iraq is coming here soon, thanks to those soulless satanists who parrot the sanctimonious victim party line like you yourself do. Anyone who would doubt that a great conspiracy to destroy democracy actually exists is an idiot of the highest order. When you and yours are burning in the pits of hellfire and eternal damnation you will recall your faux noble attempts to portray yourselves as freedom fighters and patriots, and as you are forced to gobble devilcock until forever, take comfort in the fact that ronald reagan will be right there next to you!