Big Thoughts…

It is funny how cyber-hecklers have been digging up my blog. It is showing up everywhere now, which is good if it brings people here to read the things I have written about the woman’s movement, the Left and factioning, and about Kabballah, it’s study, it’s application and it’s powers of Sinister Wisdom, and The Goddess.
I have loved daring to think big thoughts and to record them here…Freedom of expression and of thought are important things to me and to DEMOCRACY. Democracy is indeed worth fighting for and worth defending, as well as PRACTICING. Democracy is a threat to bush and cheney and to Religion. We can rewrite each and every religious doctrine, as has been done many times before by many men and many women. I believe that “Jesus” is a code name/amalgam of two men, Joshua ben Miriam, and Shimon Bar Yochai. They both brought the idea of Shekkinah to the poor women of Judeah.