Being a Woman With Something to Say…

It is hard to be a woman who has something to say, and to say it out loud in the public arena. I include Anne Coulter in my thoughts here, too. Any woman who speaks out in any way is heretical to power. Anne Coulter says some great things and some dumb things too. So do I, and so does everyone on earth. I will speak out though, and I will call out the forces of negativity wherever I see them. I see them in women who are comfortable with imagining angels surround them, as innocent children in their own neighborhoods are being murdered in foster care. In each city this is a common story. We really need to stop congratulating ourselves and take action on behalf of all that which does not suck, or be judged by our own hearts for what we allow, and that I believe is hell. If you believe woman is the nurturer, then go nurture someone who needs it. Someone who is not related to you, and is in need.